Dutch bird nest webcams

This is a video of the kingfishers‘ nest last year.

BirdLife in the Netherlands reports that this Thursday, 1 March, their spring bird nest wabcams will start again.

The webcams are near the nests of eleven bird species, including white stork, kingfisher, eagle owl, great tit, little owl, barn swallow, swift, peregrine falcon and spoonbill [see also here].

Two species are new this year compared to earlier springs: blackbird and Montagu’s harrier.

The webcams will continue until 1 July. Last year, they got over a million visitors.

Dutch nature web site: here.

Peregrine falcons in the USA: here. And here. And here.

4 thoughts on “Dutch bird nest webcams

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  2. Kingfisher population down to 100 pairs

    Monday 16 July 2012

    There are just 100 breeding pairs of kingfishers in the Netherlands, as the short but very cold snap this winter reduced the remaining population by 75%, according to bird experts.

    Kingfisher expert Jelle Harder told Radio 1 at the weekend there were 1,000 breeding pairs in the country just four years ago, but their number has now plummeted.

    Nevertheless, the kingfisher is unlikely to disappear from Dutch rivers and lakes because of migration from eastern Europe, Harder said.

    In Dutch kingfishers are called ijsvogels, or ice birds.

    © DutchNews.nl


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