Botanical garden orchids, parakeets and jays

This video from the botanical garden in Leiden, the Netherlands, is about a 2010 orchids exhibition there.

In the botanical garden hothouses, 6,000 tropical orchids grow.

On our way to the garden, two ring-necked parakeets sat in a tree along the canal. They were eating fruits.

In the pond near the garden entrance, mallards and coots swimming. A jackdaw on the bank.

Two jays on a hedge in front of the hothouse buildings. Magpies there as well.

After the reconstruction of the hothouses, the two tropical aquariums have inhabitants again. In the aquarium to the left, crystal red shrimps. And glowlight rasbora fish. And threadfin rainbowfish.

Also cherry barb fish.

This is a cherry barb video.

In the aquarium at the right: golden zebra loach; pearl gourami; and honey gourami.

The aquariums mimic Asian fresh water environments.

To the left, the orchid hothouses. Prosthechea cochleata was flowering. So was a Dendrochilum species.

Still further to the left is the Victoria amazonica hall. The reconstruction of the hall is finished, but this biggest water-lily species in the world is not back yet; still in a nursery pond. When it will be back, it will share the hall with the world’s smallest flowering plants, Wolffia, which are there already.

Goldfish swam in the Victoria amazonica pond. Is the catfish, which used to be here before reconstruction, back?

Near the astronomical observatory, Coprinellus flocculosus fungi.

Many beechnuts. Saffron flowers.

A grey heron on the lawn.

Near the source of the stream: candlestick fungus.

On a tree a ring-necked parakeet. And a great spotted woodpecker climbing upwards.

Crocus goulimyi flowers.

As we leave, a great crested grebe swims and dives in the pond near the entrance/exit.

Old golden rain near entrance: here.


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