Waterbear discovery, new for the Netherlands

This video says about itself:

First Animal to Survive in Space

4 September 2012

Tardigrades or “Water Bears” are the only creatures that can survive the extreme conditions in the vacuum of outer space.

Translated from the Dutch marine biologists of Stichting ANEMOON:

New waterbear discovered on Dutch beaches

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

A researcher who is particularly interested in the smallest representatives of our wildlife has discovered a tardigrade species new for the Netherlands. It is the marine waterbear Batillipes phreaticus. This is the fourth tardigrade species that until now has been found on Dutch beaches. Tardigrades are only a fraction of a millimeter wide. It is remarkable that the species has already been found in many areas of the North Sea beach including the two western Wadden islands. Especially in the environment of these tiny creatures there is still a world to discover.


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