Black-necked grebes, hobbies and tree pipit

This is a red-necked grebe video.

After 1 May 2015, 2 May 2015 near Dwingelderveld national park, in Westerveld local authority. This is one of few places in the Netherlands where one may see red-necked grebes.

In Dwingelderveld, cranes nest as well. Photos: here.

We did not see red-necked grebes or cranes on that 2 May; but we did see other beautiful birds.

Early in the morning, curlew sound. A chaffinch sings. Sounds of song thrush, willow warbler, cuckoo, robin, chiffchaff and wood pigeon.

Of course, the blue tits are present again.

A great tit in a tree.

Near Kraloo village, three roe deer in a meadow.

This is a 3 May 2015 video of roe deer near Kraloo.

Grey lag geese in a lake.

Near the hide, male and female tufted ducks swim. And a black-necked grebe couple in love with each other. They dive often.

Two hobbies flying around.

Two Egyptian geese on a bank.

Black-headed gulls and coots swimming.

We arrive around the Holtveenslenk lake. Photos of that area are here. And here.

Holtveenslenk, 2 May 2015

Here is another Holtveenslenk photo.

Again, a black-necked grebe couple.

A grey heron flies past.

Tree pipit, 2 May 2015

A tree pipit in a tree.

A bit further in the Holtveenslenk lake, a Canada goose swims. And a great crested grebe; a male common pochard; and a tufted duck couple.

Two white storks fly overhead.

So do two buzzards.

A little grebe calls.

White wagtail, 2 May 2015

West of the Holtveenslenk, a white wagtail in a tree.

A yellow wagtail cleanses its feathers.

Back at the hide. A female marsh harrier lands in a tree.

The hobbies fly again.

We continue, to Ruinen village.

A redstart in a tree. Below the tree, yellow archangel flowers.

Just east of Ruinen, the Kloosterveld part of the national park. A northern wheatear.

A curlew wades in shallow water.

Three barn swallows drinking together.

A male and a female yellowhammer.

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