White storks and shoveler ducks

This video is about a white stork nest in Spain.

Today, to the “Baillon’s crake nature reserve” again.

In the canal closest to the entrance, gadwall ducks.

In the next canal, two grey lag geese, a male and a female tufted duck; and a male and a female gadwall.

In the next canal, a male shoveler duck and Canada geese.

On a small islet in the southern lake, a great black-backed gull.

Six northern lapwings flying.

In the northern lake and on its islands, many shovelers, teal, lapwings and black-headed gulls.

Two white storks circling overhead. They did not migrate to Africa. Because of the mild winter so far?

In the northern meadow: five hares, many black-headed gulls, a common gull and two Egyptian geese.

As we leave, a great cormorant sitting on top of the windmill.

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11 thoughts on “White storks and shoveler ducks

  1. Thank you Kitty, I enjoy being part of their journey. I’m amazed at the huge nests that they build and how the the people of Spain take such great care of of these extraordinary graceful Birds 🙂


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