Godwits, geese and teal

This is a video about black-tailed godwits. It shows northern lapwings and starlings as well.

Today, again to the “Baillon’s crake reserve“.

In the canal near the entrance, many grey lag geese. Two mute swans.

There is a black swan nest with goslings somewhere here, but I did not see them today.

Mallards. A moorhen.

On the bank: two Canada geese. Grazing coots.

In the next canal, teal and gadwall ducks. Also about teal: here.

In the next canal again: tufted ducks.

In the southern lake, shoveler ducks.

Northern lapwings, Egyptian geese and jackdaws flying.

On an islet in the northern lake: a lesser black-backed gull. Black-headed gulls. Northern lapwings. And scores of black-tailed godwits. They are back from their migration from Africa!

Shelducks swimming.

A female common pochard swims. A male common pochard flies.

Oystercatchers on a peninsula.

In the canal near the railway, a great crested grebe.

What a thrill, the contrast between the loud voices of grey lag and Canada geese, and the subtle teal sounds.

I hear a redshank as well.

A great cormorant on the top of a leafless tree.

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