Spoonbills and shelduck ducklings

This video is about nature reserve Polders Poelgeest in the Netherlands.

Today, once again to the nature reserve which I discovered when Baillon’s crakes nested there.

Swifts flying over the southern lake.

Gray lag geese with goslings. One adult goose with a green band with a number.

A reed bunting sings. A grey heron on the opposite bank of the lake.

A marsh warbler sings in the reedbed in the northern part of the southern lake.

Barn swallows flying.

In the northern lake, a shelduck swims with ten ducklings. The youngsters are already over half adult shelduck size. So, they are less in danger of predation by now.

On the island, many black-headed gulls. Two spoonbills, cleaning their feathers. Egyptian geese. Scores of Canada geese swimming. A lesser black-backed gull.

Black-tailed godwits wading in shallow water. One of them near an avocet.

A great cormorant flies.

A meadow brown butterfly.

Edible frog sound.

A female tufted duck with three ducklings, which drive frequently.

Not far away, a coot with a small chick.

At the eastern side of the northern lake, one of two redshanks takes off, calling.

An oystercatcher on an islet.

Two great crested grebes swimming.

25 thoughts on “Spoonbills and shelduck ducklings

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