Kestrel and tufted ducks

This video is called Ecologische zone Schellingwoude; March 01, 2007, 10:31 PM.

Today, at the Hilversum railway station, two collared doves trying to push each other off a metal perch near the roof. A domestic pigeon on a platform, looking for food.

In experimental research, scientists tend to assume that male and female animals are alike, and mostly use males. But a new study shows surprisingly big differences in tissue gene expression between male and female rock doves [ancestors of domestic pigeons]. The work is part of an attempt to make science more gender-inclusive and aware of physiological and other differences between the sexes: here.

Later, a walk in the Schellingwoude Ecological Zone, in the north of Amsterdam. Though close to a city, interesting animals live here. Like the root vole. The grass snake. Spined loach fish.

Kingfishers have been seen here, but are not breeding yet. However, there are thirty grey heron nests, some of them already with inhabitants now. Ring-necked parakeets fly past, screaming.

A bit further to the east is a bigger area, the Waterland Oost nature reserve. On the meadows and marshland there: an Egyptian goose, two grey lag geese, northern lapwings. A female pheasant.

Walking along the Durgerdammerdijk: in the water of the Markermeer lake, great crested grebes; male and female tufted ducks. Hovering above the dike, sometimes sitting down on a lamppost: a kestrel.

Going back, waiting for the ferry to the south of Amsterdam: two grey herons and two carrion crows.

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