Highland cattle and stonechat

Highland cattle, 10 July 2016

After 9 July 2016 at the nature reserve Huis ter Heide in the Netherlands, we went there again on 10 July. We saw, eg, these highland cattle.

Before that, we had seen a hare. At lakelets, an Egyptian goose among scores of gray lag geese.

At the Leikeven lake boardwalk, about ten white wagtails, both adults and juveniles.

A skylark sings.

A grey heron flies.

In the grass, a cinnabar moth caterpillar called ‘zebra caterpillar’ because of its yellow and black stripes, crawls.

We arrive at the Vossenbergvennen lakes.

A lesser black-backed gull swims there. Unfortunately, beautiful Huis ter Heide is close to a landfill; which attracts gulls.

A male stonechat sits on a bush.

A white stork.

Huis ter Heide, 10 July 2016

We continue through this beautiful scenery.

And meet highland cattle (see photo at the top of this blog post).

Finally, a meadow brown butterfly.


17 thoughts on “Highland cattle and stonechat

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