No obstacle racing because of nesting lapwings

This video shows a northern lapwing at its nest in the Netherlands.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Mud run” canceled at the last moment because of nesting northern lapwings

Today, 10:48

A mud-running event in Amersfoort was canceled at the last minute because lapwings nest on the ground. The organization of the Mudrun Fun in Vathorst district discovered the birds yesterday and concluded that they will not run today.

A few hundred people would participate in the event, including children. The intention was that they would run on a trail with mud, obstacles and a water slide. It was the fifth edition of the event.

Yesterday nothing seemed to be wrong; then the organization was alerted that the birds were nesting. The lapwing is a protected native species and has been declining in numbers. The organization therefore considered it irresponsible to let the event continue, despite the permits already issued by the municipality.

3 thoughts on “No obstacle racing because of nesting lapwings

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