Nightingales and grasshopper warbler

This is a green woodpecker video from Sweden.

Early in the morning, before sunrise, on 19 April 2015 we arrived at a small patch of woodland near the local government building of Wassenaar, the Netherlands; to count local birds. We hear a green woodpecker; but we can’t be sure whether it nests inside our just outside our counting area.

We also hear a great spotted woodpecker; a song thrush; and many blackbirds. Also great tits and blue tits.

Then, we continue to Meijendel.

A blackcap. A chiffchaff. A willow warbler: all probably back recently from spring migration.

A marsh tit, which probably has stayed here all winter.

A nightingale sings. One of many here in Meijendel, all back from wintering in Africa.

Wood pigeons. Grey lag geese flying.

A buzzard in a tree.

A whitethroat.

In a lake: a coot, a great crested grebe couple, and gadwall ducks.

Then, near a bicycle track, we hear a special song: a grasshopper warbler.

A male chaffinch in a bush. A dunnock in a bush on the other side of the footpath.

A northern lapwing. A great cormorant flies.

A woodlark, flying while singing.

A beautiful northern wheatear on a dune.

A male common linnet.

A flying and singing skylark.

On a bush, a male stonechat.

On the bank of a lakelet, a little ringed plover.

Finally, a grey heron, and two Canada geese, flying.

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