Nightingale singing, video

This video is about a nightingale singing in Weerribben nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Bram Siertsema made this video.

20 thoughts on “Nightingale singing, video

  1. I just love the bird song. One of my earlier songs is called “Whip Poor Will Blues” from the album Sahara Rose. My song took the song and added the real bird song of the Whippoorwill.


      • If you go to my web site, look for the album cover and click on it. That will take you to iTunes. Look for the album Sahara Rose and “Whip Poor Will Blues” is the first song. You can sample it for free. My son’s song is “Whip Poor Will Blues” Sideways 8 Country and is in iTunes as a single. Let me know what you think.


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