Dutch singer-songwriter Ellen ten Damme writes special blackbird song

This is a video of Dutch singer Ellen ten Damme, singing ‘Denis‘, best known from United States band Blondie.

Translated from VARA radio in the Netherlands:

Sunday, May 4, 2014 10:10

Singer-songwriter Ellen ten Damme will compose a special song for the Dutch blackbird, best at singing. VARA show Vroege Vogels this spring will choose the blackbird singing most beautifully of the country, so far more than 150 birds have been nominated. The winner will get at least a kilogram of organic raisins, but his everlasting fame will come in a tribute to him by Ellen ten Damme.

This video is about a blackbird singing in the Netherlands.

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8 thoughts on “Dutch singer-songwriter Ellen ten Damme writes special blackbird song

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