Stock dove, wood duck and flowers

Endegeest, 11 April 2015

This photo is about flowering shrubs at Endegeest estate in the Netherlands on 11 March 2015. Like the other photo of this blog post, this is a cell phone photo.

Today, Endegeest is home to a psychiatric institution. In the seventeenth century, when it was built in its present form, Endegeest castle was home to famous philosopher René Descartes, exiled from France. Near the entrance of the castle is a bust of Descartes.

As we arrived, a ring-necked parakeet flying and calling.

On the chimney of a building, an Egyptian geese couple calling.

Various flowers: Gagea pratensis; lesser celandine; and fumewort.

Great spotted woodpeckers; at one point, three on the same tree.

One can hear chiffchaff, great tit, robin and nuthatch.

A blue tit.

A stock dove on a tree.

Endegeest, on 11 April 2015

At a woodland edge, Egyptian geese. And a male wood duck. A feral species in the Netherlands; originally from North America. About wood ducks: here.

On the meadow: Canada geese. Mute swans. Coot. Moorhen.

A northern lapwing drives a white stork away.

Back near the castle. A ruddy shelduck-Egyptian goose hybrid bird.

A male and a female gadwall on another meadow.

Green woodpecker sound in woodland.

A grey heron on its nest in a tree.

We go on, to Lentevreugd nature reserve in Wassenaar.

Northern lapwings.

Grey lag geese.

Water rail sound.

A buzzard flying above the trees.


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