Cuckoo, reed warbler, other birds of Palmerswaard nature reserve

This May 2017 drone video is about Palmerswaard nature reserve, west of Rhenen, in Utrecht province in the Netherlands.

After 26 March 2018, on 27 March we went to Palmerswaard nature reserve.

First, the ferry from Lienden to Rhenen.

An oystercatcher flying.

A blackbird.

A male reed bunting sings from a bush.

A coot on its nest.

In shallow water, water mint grows.

On land, lilac flowers.

A mute swan, and a tufted duck couple swimming.

A gadwall couple.

A grey heron flying.

A cuckoo calls. So, he is back from Africa.

Two great cormorants flying.

A great crested grebe on its nest.

A greenfinch sings.

Willow warbler song, chiffchaff song.

A female, and later a male pheasant.

Two magpies.

A moorhen running fast along a bank,

As we walk back, two common sandpipers land.

Reed warbler singing.

Just before the ferry landing, a carrion crow.

2 thoughts on “Cuckoo, reed warbler, other birds of Palmerswaard nature reserve

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