Reed bunting, kingfisher and great crested grebe

Oeverlanden Hollands Diep, 9 April 2017

On 9 April 2017, we went to nature reserve Oeverlanden Hollands Diep in the Netherlands. Though across the Hollands Diep estuary is the Moerdijk chemical industry, it is a beautiful area.

Oeverlanden Hollands Diep, on 9 April 2017

As we arrived at the entrance, barn swallows flying. The first ones I saw this year; probably just back from Africa.

In a lake swam mallards.

Mute swan, 9 April 2017

And mute swans.

And grey lag geese. And coots.

And tufted ducks.

Great crested grebe, 9 April 2017

And this great crested grebe.

Two grey herons flying. So does a Canada goose.

Chiffchaff and chaffinch sounds.

In a tree, a greenfinch singing.

White wagtail, 9 April 2017

In another tree, a white wagtail.

Male reed bunting, 9 April 2017

In yet another tree, a male reed bunting.

Oeverlanden plants, 9 April 2017

IJsvogel ferry, 9 April 2017

To get to the Esscheplaat part of the reserve, we need the ferry. The name of the ferry is ‘IJsvogel‘ (kingfisher). A bit later, someone (not me) sees a real kingfisher.

Stay tuned for the sequel of this blog!

Oeverlanden, 9 April 2017

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