English roe deer swimming, video

This video from Britain says about itself:

Wildlife Weekly – Episode 10

6 Feb 2014

Oh deer, we are up to our necks in it!

It isn’t just surfers who find novel ways of negotiating the Severn Bore.

These beautiful roe deer decided to swim for it when it [sic; they] passed by WWT Slimbridge at the weekend.

This week’s Wildlife Weekly presented by Dave Paynter takes us out in the thick of it for a look at the wet weather and the conditions this has created on WWT Slimbridge‘s famous reserve.

We also visit Geoff Hilton, one of the scientists working in our Conservation team here, who shows how they are able to track the lives of geese on their journeys across the planet.

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9 thoughts on “English roe deer swimming, video

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