Ducks, ducks, dabchicks and whitethroat

Common pochards, 25 May 2014

Still 17 May 2015. After the early morning in Meijendel nature reserve, we arrived at a lake where these pochard ducks swam.

Common pochard male, 25 May 2014

There were males.

Common pochard male and female, 25 May 2014

And females as well.

There was a redshank too, but it did not want to be photographed.

A little grebe, also known as dabchick, swimming.

A male tufted duck swimming as well.

A bluethroat singing on a bush.

A chiffchaff sings.

We arrive at another lake.

A reed warbler sings, somewhere in a reedbed.

A garden warbler sings in a tree.

A male and a female reed bunting together in a tree.

Little grebes, 17 May 2014

Dabchicks swimming.

A rabbit crosses the footpath.

Garden tiger moth, 17 May 2014

A garden tiger moth caterpillar.

Garden tiger moth, Meijendel, 17 May 2014

Not the only specimen of this species today.

Whitethroat, 17 May 2014

Again, a whitethroat singing. One of the most common birds in Meijendel.

Seaside pansies, 17 May 2014

Seaside pansy flowers.

Egyptian geese and red-crested pochards, 17 May 2014

Another lake, with red-crested pochard ducks and Egyptian geese.

A female stonechat on a bush.

A chaffinch.

A juvenile common frog.

Clove-scented broomrape flowers.

Also about Meijendel: here.

Time use and foraging behaviour in pre-breeding dabbling ducks Anas spp. in sub-arctic Norway: here.

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