Lesser whitethroat and godwits

This video is about a lesser whitethroat singing in Norway.

Yesterday, 19 April, again to the nature reserve where Baillon’s crakes nested a few years ago.

Near the entrance, a moorhen and grey lag geese swim.

Many more black-headed gulls than usually. Last year, a few couples nested here for the first time. Today, many more nests.

One black-headed gull has a twig in its bill.

A northern lapwing on a grassy bank.

Very young mallard ducklings. Many grey lag geese with goslings as well.

A jackdaw. A starling. Mute swans swimming in the southern lake.

In the northern lake, teal swim. About twenty black-tailed godwits. Less than a few weeks ago here, as spring migration is far advanced now.

On the biggest northern lake island: a great cormorant, gadwall ducks and tufted ducks.

An oystercatcher.

A male common pochard flying. A northern shoveler couple swimming.

A redshank on an islet.

A magpie.

Near the railway, a chiffchaff sings.

In the northern meadow: grey lag geese, Canada geese Egyptian geese. Lapwings. A jackdaw. And hares.

Something special: a lesser whitethroat sings in a tree at the north-eastern end. Probably, it arrived recently from Africa on its spring migration.

A greenfinch sings there too.

Two barn swallows flying. Probably, recent arrivals from Africa as well.

Just before we leave, Canada geese with goslings. Smaller goslings than many grey lag goslings here, as Canada geese usually nest later.

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