Cuckoo, Canada geese and little grebe

This video is called The European Adder – Vipera berus. We did not see adders during our week in and around Dwingelderveld national park. They live there; but the best time to see them is on warm, sunny days. Which weren’t part of this early May week.

After 6 May 2015, 7 May in Drenthe. Our last full day there.

As we went to the hide, a robin on a fence.

Near the hide, swifts and barn swallows flying. A willow warbler sings.

In a lakelet just north of Moddergat lake, three common pochards, male and female tufted ducks.

A little grebe calls and swims.

A mallard. Two Egyptian geese: a Canada goose calls to them as they land.

In wet heathland, a skylark sings.

Cuckoo, 7 May 2015

A cuckoo sitting on a tree.

Briefly, a yellowhammer above the cuckoo in the same tree.

A stonechat.

Canada geese, 7 May 2015

Canada geese.

Next, another wetland: Koelevaartsveen. Three common sandpipers near the bank.

Moss and trees, 7 May 2015

Moss growing near the trees not far away.

Moss, 7 May 2015

Near the Dwingelose heide cycle track, again oak eggar caterpillars.

Dark tussock caterpillar, photo by Lo Troisfontaine

Also a much rarer and smaller caterpillar. So small and lightweight that the wind again and again blows it decimetres further away on the sandy path. A dark tussock caterpillar.

Cottongrass, 7 May 2015

Back to the hide. Cottongrass grows there. This marked the end for us of a week of seeing much beautiful wildlife.

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