Bat biology, new research

This December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Biology of bats

It turns out that warm-blooded animals aren’t warm all of the time! Researchers at Brown University studying the muscles in bats’ wings found that their wings operate at a significantly lower temperature than their bodies, especially during flight. The National Science Foundation-funded team says this shows that warm-blooded animals have a lot more variation in body temperature than expected. That has implications for how animals are moving around, including humans.

Scorpions raising young in Alhambra, Spain

This 6 February 2020 video from Spain says about itself:

Female Scorpions Face a Backbreaking Challenge to Raise Young

During the day, the scorpions of Alhambra find shelter underground to avoid the heat, only venturing out at night to hunt. If it’s a female scorpion with young, her task is made all the more challenging.

Hoopoes in Spanish Moorish history

This 8 February 2020 video from Spain says about itself:

These Local Birds Play a Big Role in Moorish History

The hoopoes of the region are so emblematic of the Alhambra region, that they are even mentioned in Muslim scripture, as saviors of Moses, and confidants of King Solomon.