Euro Birdwatch 2019 in the Netherlands

This 5 October 2019 Dutch video is about Euro Birdwatch 2019 today at the Tongplaat in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

See here.

All the birds seen there that day: here.

The national Top Ten for the Netherlands of bird species and individuals seen today is:

1. Starling 159,905
2. White-fronted goose 69,497
3. Chaffinch 54,344
4. Siskin 47,026
5. Song thrush 31,922
6. Black-headed gull 21,920
7. Meadow pipit 19,081
8. Redwing 16,848
9. Graylag goose 15,533
10. Jay 14,331

Apart from these numerous birds, also rarer birds were seen in this EuroBirdwatch in the Netherlands.

Like a pallid harrier; two penduline tits; a red-footed falcon; an olive-backed pipit.

Really special: a red-flanked bluetail seen in the coastal sand dunes near The Hague.

A total of 208 species.

Mysterious Indian lichen discovery in Dutch Biesbosch?

Chaenotheca biesboschii (photo: Bart Horvers)

Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reported on 31 May 2019 that a lichen species, new to science, had been found.

It was discovered in 2016 on willow wood in the Biesbosch national park. After much research, it turned out to be a new species. It was called Chaenotheca biesboschii, after the place where it was found.

They are small, making them inconspicuous. More research found out that they are not rare in the Biesbosch.

We don’t know where the species came from. The very small spores of this lichen genus probably can travel over long distances. Maybe it is from a country where some lichen species are still unknown. Chaenotheca gracillima from India (which also occurs, rarely, in the Biesbosch) is a close relative. So, maybe, the spores of Chaenotheca biesboschii traveled all the way from India to the Netherlands.

Ospreys build nest, video

This April 2018 video shows an osprey couple building their nest in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

Jan Bezemer made this video.

Bittern on thin ice

This 28 February 2018 video shows a bittern on thin ice in the Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

Is the ice too thin?

Jos van den Elshout made this video.