Common tern feeds its chick, video

In this 7 August 2016 video, a common tern feeds its chick in the Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

Dutch young osprey flies for first time

This 4 August 2016 Dutch video shows that today the young osprey in Biesbosch national park, the first one ever born in the Netherlands as far as is known, has been flying for the first time.

Osprey nestling, first ever in the Netherlands

This 5 July 2016 video shows the (as far as is known) first ever young osprey hatched in the Netherlands, in Biesbosch national park. There may have been a second youngster which died, but that is not certain.

Beavers in Biesbosch national park

This video was made as the evening of 28 June 2016 fell in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands; and shows beavers.

Spoonbills resting, video

This 22 June 2016 video shows 84 spoonbills resting in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands. Among them, a grey heron; and gadwall and shoveler ducks swimming. While swifts fly past.

Young osprey on video

This 28 June 2016 shows the osprey nest in Biesbosch national park. It is the first osprey nest ever known in the Netherlands.

I saw the nest myself. On the video in my report about that, one can see indirectly at least one young osprey is present, as it defecates in a curve over the side of the nest.

In this new video, one can see a young bird for the first time. Like other videos, it was filmed at a distance of hundreds of meters, as people being closer to the nest might disturb the ospreys.

Female smew cleans her feathers

This 20 June 2016 video shows a female smew cleaning her feathers.

Because of an injured wing, this duck was unable to fly with the others on spring migration to her northern or eastern European nesting ground. Now, she is staying this summer in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.