Ospreys breeding, first time in the Netherlands

This 30 April 2016 video from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

For many decades nature lovers and bird watchers had hoped for the arrival of ospreys as breeding birds in the Dutch countryside. In 2016, this finally became true: a bird already for days has been sitting in the incubator stance on a nest in the Biesbosch National Park.

Maybe ospreys nested in the Netherlands centuries ago. But as far as people know, this is the first osprey nest with eggs ever in the Netherlands.

Of this couple, the male has been ringed and is four years old. The female has no ring. Probably, she is of the same age.

Already in 2014 and 2015, the ospreys built nests in the Biesbosch. They did not lay eggs, as the couple was still sexually immature then.

Now they are back from wintering in Africa at last year’s nest.

Biesbosh ospreys are said to eat mainly rudd.

Sea eagles already nest in the Biesbosch. They also had been away from the Netherlands; until they returned to Oostvaardersplassen national park in 2006, later nesting elsewhere as well.

Skylark sings, video

This video shows a skylark singing in Dutch Biesbosch national park. Skylarks often sing while flying; but this bird does it while looking for food.

Water pipit in Biesbosch national park

This video shows a water pipit in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands. The bird is already partly in summer plumage, as the blue-grey on its head shows.

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Water pipits in Oostvaardersplassen: here.

Buzzard on white storks’ nest, video

This video, from the Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands , shows a buzzard looking for rodents from a white storks‘ nest.

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Reed bunting sings, video

Spring is coming in Biesbosch Dutch national park; as this male reed bunting sings in the video.

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Kestrel in the morning, video

After lesser kestrels in Croatia, this video shows a bigger relative of them: a female common kestrel in the morning light in Biesbosch national park in the Netherlands.

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Water pipit in Dutch national park

This video shows a water pipit in the Dutch Biesbosch national park.