Osprey brings food to his mate, video

This video from Hell Creek in Montana in the USA says about itself:

Male Osprey Delivers Half Eaten Fish To Female – Sept. 7, 2016

This clip shows the male Osprey (Louis) delivering a half eaten fish to the female (Iris). The Ospreys should be migrating south at any moment!

Osprey catches flatfish, video

This 21 September 2016 video shows an osprey catching a flatfish, near Oostvoorne in the Netherlands.

Diego Jansen made this video.

Osprey lands in backyard, video

This 14 September 2016 video is by Albert Westerhuis in the Netherlands. Mr Westerhuis has a white stork nest in his backyard. Suddenly, he saw an osprey on autumn migration to Africa land on that nest.

Osprey migration in the Netherlands

In this Dutch 8 September 2016 video, wildlife warden Hanne Tersmette goes to Naardermeer nature reserve; to look for ospreys which migrate now from Europe to Africa.

I have been privileged to see a migrating osprey at the Naardermeer a few years ago.

Dutch young osprey flies for first time

This 4 August 2016 Dutch video shows that today the young osprey in Biesbosch national park, the first one ever born in the Netherlands as far as is known, has been flying for the first time.

Osprey eats fish in Florida

This video from the USA says about itself:

30 July 2016

A magnificent Osprey enjoying a fish on the roadside. Always exciting to see these raptors up close – like most large raptors they have little fear of people. Ospreys also called “Fish Eagles” eat fish exclusively and are relatively common in Florida.

Osprey nestling, first ever in the Netherlands

This 5 July 2016 video shows the (as far as is known) first ever young osprey hatched in the Netherlands, in Biesbosch national park. There may have been a second youngster which died, but that is not certain.