Dutch young osprey flies for first time

This 4 August 2016 Dutch video shows that today the young osprey in Biesbosch national park, the first one ever born in the Netherlands as far as is known, has been flying for the first time.

Osprey eats fish in Florida

This video from the USA says about itself:

30 July 2016

A magnificent Osprey enjoying a fish on the roadside. Always exciting to see these raptors up close – like most large raptors they have little fear of people. Ospreys also called “Fish Eagles” eat fish exclusively and are relatively common in Florida.

Osprey nestling, first ever in the Netherlands

This 5 July 2016 video shows the (as far as is known) first ever young osprey hatched in the Netherlands, in Biesbosch national park. There may have been a second youngster which died, but that is not certain.

Young osprey on video

This 28 June 2016 shows the osprey nest in Biesbosch national park. It is the first osprey nest ever known in the Netherlands.

I saw the nest myself. On the video in my report about that, one can see indirectly at least one young osprey is present, as it defecates in a curve over the side of the nest.

In this new video, one can see a young bird for the first time. Like other videos, it was filmed at a distance of hundreds of meters, as people being closer to the nest might disturb the ospreys.

Dutch osprey nest, a first

This 7 June 2016 video shows the first ever Dutch osprey nest (as far as is known) where a youngster has hatched; in the Biesbosch national park. The parents feed the youngster.

Osprey nest in Montana, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Hellgate 26 05 2016

With thanks to Riverside Health Care Center, Univ of MontanaBiological Sciences & Cornell Lab of Ornithology for the cam feed.

First osprey nest in the Netherlands, video

This 3 May 2016 video from Biesbosch national park shows the first ever osprey breeding couple in the Netherlands (as far as is known).

One of the parents brings a fish to the nest.