Red-footed falcons and avocets

This is a red-footed falcon video.

After the morning of 9 May on Lesbos, the afternoon.

Like on 5 May, to the salt pans.

Again, avocets and black-winged stilts. An avocet chick.

Pale (juvenile) and pink (adult) greater flamingos.

Flying little egrets and black storks.

A ringed plover.

A male and a female red-footed falcon, sitting together on a telephone pole. The male is cleaning its feathers. At first, it sits to the right of the female; then, to the left.

Two turnstones and ruffs on a dike.

A little tern sitting on a rock.


Little stints, where there were Temminck’s stints last time. A common sandpiper.

At the glossy ibis marsh, a collared pratincole in the grass.

A coot in the water. It is the first one we have seen; this species is rare in Lesbos.

Wood sandpipers.

Whiskered terns.

A squacco heron standing between the common spike-rush.

Curlew sandpipers.

A mallard. Again a first for us on Lesbos, as this species is rare here.

A little ringed plover.

Dark spreadwing damselflies flying around.

A whinchat sitting on a fence.

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