European Union, undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winner

This 12 October 2012 video is called Controversy after EU awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Alfred Nobel from Sweden was a capitalist, but critical of capitalism.

He made lots of money from wars, but did not like war.

The Nobel Peace Prize, bequeathed by him, should be, according to Alfred Nobel, for those who have “done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

The European Union, winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, does not deserve that prize. The European Union has not contributed anything to the reduction of standing armies, let alone their abolition. Quite the contrary: in the European Union’s proposed constitution (rejected by referendum voters in France and in the Netherlands) there was a clause making it mandatory for European Union member states to increase their “defence” war budgets. The European Union also wants to have its own armed forces, as if the member states’ armed forces are not already bad enough.

The European Union pressures Greece, like it pressures other countries, to make cuts in health care and poor people’s incomes. On the other hand, it pressures Greece to increase its military budget, for the sake of the profits of weapon industry fat cats in Germany and France.

Alfred Nobel in his will left decisions about the Nobel Peace Prize to the parliament of Norway. Norway then was a neutral country. In 2012, however, it is a member of the NATO military alliance.

So, now the bureaucracy in Brussels joins other undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winners; from Martti Ahtisaari from Finland (another ex-neutral, now European Union, country) to Barack Obama (who had only been president of the USA for a short time when he got the prize, and after winning it, escalated the war in Afghanistan).

Last year, Ms Tawakul Karman from Yemen did deserve the peace prize.

This video says about itself:

10 Years! Malalai Joya on Women in Afghanistan

“History shows that no nation can bring liberation to another nation.”

Now, there are plenty of individuals and organizations who would have deserved the prize a lot more than the European Union. From the Christian pacifists of the Society of Friends, aka the Quakers, or the Iraq Veterans Against the War, in the USA; to Military Families Against the War in Britain; to human rights activist Maryam al-Khawaja in Bahrain or Afghan feminist Malalai Joya.

Daily News Line in Britain comments on this year’s award:

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Peace Prize for the ‘Fourth Reich’

The European Union has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for ‘six decades of work in advancing peace in Europe’, according to Thorbjoern Jagland of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, who added: ‘Since 1945 reconciliation has become a reality.’

Try telling that to the workers of Greece and Spain who are being savaged by the EU’s class war austerity measures, to the point where thousands of families are going hungry, and where the Greek workers regard the German-led EU as the ‘Fourth Reich’.

As the world crisis of capitalism deepens, along with its financial crisis, the costs of the maintenance of the EU and the eurozone will see the class war imposed throughout Europe, especially on the streets of its capitals, as workers understand that since the EU can only survive by breaking them, to survive they will have to break the EU, and advance to a Socialist United States of Europe.

With a stunning hypocrisy, the Nobel Committee said the EU had helped to transform Europe ‘from a continent of war to a continent of peace’, and that for over 40 years it had prevented a new Franco-German war.

This new European war has been prevented thus far, by the bourgeoisie of France and Germany uniting to try to carry through what Hitler attempted and could not achieve, uniting Europe, this time under the heel of German and French capital. This is what has kept them from each other’s throats, so far.

On this basis this alliance went forward to break all the pledges that were made to Gorbachev not to advance the EU’s borders and the NATO alliance up to Russia’s frontiers.

In the process the EU played a leading role in a great European war, destroying Yugoslavia and creating a dozen or so new states all under the thumb of Brussels, through the means of pogroms the likes of which had not been seen since Hitler’s days, air attacks and military interventions on the ground, including the mass bombing of Belgrade.

The most recent interventions of the peace-loving EU has been the Italian, French and UK air assault on Libya, with the murder of Gadaffi, and the support for puppet forces in Syria to attempt the overthrow of the Assad government through destroying the country, with France openly calling for military intervention.

Now, with the advent of the capitalist crisis, imperialist wars have been joined by civil wars to preserve the EU by smashing the working class of Europe.

EU ‘democracy’ now sees the EU bankers and politicians appointing key members of the Greek and Italian governments.

This is while the Franco-German alliance weakens, as German capital attacks the ‘lazy southerners’ who are said to be responsible for the entire EU crisis. The Franco-German alliance is now weakening to the point where the German bosses openly proclaim that they are the masters of the new Europe, and that the Greeks and the others must be starved so that the ‘peace loving’ EU can continue.

The truth of the matter is that the Nobel Committee is desperately seeking to prop up the collapsing EU, whose attempt to unite Europe under the rule of Franco-German capital is collapsing.

The EU was an attempt to reconcile the contradictions of the imperialist powers at the expense of the workers of the EU and the workers of Africa and the Middle East especially.

Why the Europe Union Does Not Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize: here.

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AT the same moment as France and Germany were being given a Nobel prize for keeping the peace in Europe, ie not going to war with each other for the last 60 years, the two countries were in fact squaring up to each other over the future of the EU, the single currency and ‘policing’ the budgets of the eurozone states: here.

Watchdog the International Peace Bureau branded the decision to hand the Nobel Peace prize to the European Union unlawful today: here.

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