France: one year after ‘No’ vote in European Union constitution referendum

Belgian anti Bolkestein plan of the EU demonstrators

From French daily L’Humanité:

They campaigned for the “Non“.

One year later, what do they think?

As interviewed by Dominique Bègles, Sébastien Crépel, Olivier Meyer, Jean-Paul Piérot, Alain Raynal, and Jacqueline Sellem.

Translated by Henry Crapo – 2006-06-27

Two questions posed to ten personalities who led the debate on the referendum in 2005.

1. In what way was the victory of the “Non” useful?

2. What’s in the future, for 2007?


Claire Villiers
Francis Wurtz
Henri Emmanuelli
Marie-George Buffet
Laurent Fabius
Jean-Luc Mélenchon
Yves Salesse
Olivier Besancenot
Francine Bavay
José Bové

The No vote and debate in The Netherlands here.

Bolkestein update: here.

6 thoughts on “France: one year after ‘No’ vote in European Union constitution referendum

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