6 thoughts on “Economic ‘Nobel Prize’ for undeserving recipients

  1. Queen cancels Christmas party

    Monarchy: The Queen has cancelled this year’s Christmas party for her staff because of the “difficult financial circumstances” facing the country.

    The 600 members of the royal household had been expecting to attend a festive celebration which the Queen usually pays for every two years at Buckingham Palace.

    Her majesty’s decision follows her recent request for a poverty handout to help heat her palaces. Taxpayers already contribute £38 million to pay for the royal family.



  2. Miserly monthly pay increase

    Slovakia: The government increased the minimum monthly wage by 3 per cent on Wednesday, taking it to just 317 euros (£287).

    The miserly increase to be introduced next year by Prime Minister Iveta Radicova’s right-wing government was vociferously opposed by employers who claimed that every increase in the minimum wage threatened jobs.

    The government also plans to raise VAT by one per cent to 20 per cent in an effort to reduce the administrations’s deficit which is currently running at 7.8 per cent of GDP as part of efforts to slash it to the EU limit of 3 per cent by 2013.



  3. Hedge fund faces loan investigation

    US: The Harbinger hedge fund which made huge gains betting against sub-prime mortgages is being investigated by federal authorities over a $113 million (£70m) loan to its founder to pay off a personal tax bill.

    The Wall Street Journal reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan are investigating the fund.

    Authorities are also probing whether the fund allowed some investors to withdraw money at a time when others were not allowed to because the fund was struggling.



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