Chile: corrupt dictator Pinochet’s loot found in Hong Kong?

Pinochet and Dutch corporation RDM, cartoon

From the BBC:

‘Pinochet gold held in Hong Kong’

A multimillion gold deposit allegedly in the name of Chile’s former military leader Augusto Pinochet has been found in Hong Kong, Chilean media report.

Two newspapers allege that gold bars with a value put at some $160m (£85.5m) were found in an HSBC bank account.

Gen Pinochet, 90, is being investigated for tax evasion and embezzlement.

Chile’s government says it has been informed of the reports but has not received any official notification. The HSBC bank has made no comment.

The two newspapers, El Mercurio and La Nacion, quote unnamed officials linked with the financial investigation as their source for the reports.

Update: here.

6 thoughts on “Chile: corrupt dictator Pinochet’s loot found in Hong Kong?

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