Young hawk raised by eagles, people celebrate in Canada

This video from Canada today, about the young red-tailed hawk, raised by a bald eagle couple, says about itself:

Major breaking news on the hawk in eagles‘ nest, Sidney, British Columbia

The major of Sidney has published a proclamation for the hawk-eagle day on August 6th! Join the party on August 6th afternoon. I will be live from the nest.


Young hawk, raised by eagles, eats fish

This video from Canada says about itself:

10 July 2017

This is part of a continuing story of two [bald] eagles who raised a baby red-tailed hawk in their nest in Sidney, B.C. along with their own three eaglets.

The hawk and eaglet sit together, GO TO END and see the hawk and the eaglet hug for a while.

This video from Canada says about itself:

Incredible – this hawk now thinks he is an eagle – take a look (Sidney nest B.C.)

Saw the eagle with my long lens – oops hawk (13 July 2017) – in one of the gardens feeding on fish, and loving it! Is fish as food now imprinted on him? Will his diet change?

Young red-tailed hawk in bald eagle nest fledges

This video from Canada says about itself:

Usually Enemies, Bald Eagles Adopt Red-Tailed Hawk Chick | National Geographic

16 June 2017

A pair of bald eagle parents in British Columbia have a surprising addition to their feathered family – a red-tailed hawk chick.

This reality reminds me a bit of the fiction of Selma Lagerlöf’s book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. In that book, hunters kill the father and mother of a golden eaglet called Gorgo. The goose Akka keeps Gorgo alive by feeding him mainly fish; instead of, eg, rabbits which golden eaglets usually get from their parents. In the British Columbia bald eagle nest, the young hawk will also probably have eaten more fish than usual for its species.

This video from Canada says about itself:

The Very Best Scenes of the Eagle-Hawk Sidney Nest

13 June 2017

This is a collection of my best clips taken over many days and hours of observation. A baby red-tailed hawk in an eagle nest has made news all over the world! Distance to nest is about 600 ft (170m). See here.

Finally, after the good news today of the young cuckoo almost fledging and the new reed warbler eggs in the Netherlands, this.

This video from Canada says about itself:

Exciting Update – Hawk fledged at Eagle nest, Sidney BC

All about the little hawklet fledging at the eagle nest – rare event, exciting updates – Sidney BC. Interview with Eagle Biologist David Hancock from the nest visit.

12.30pm PST / 3.30pm EST June 27

It looks like the fish, instead of rabbits or rats, has not been bad for the young red-tailed hawk.

Canadian bald eagle adopts young red-tailed hawk

This video from British Columbia in Canada says about itself:

Bald eagle defies nature by adopting, not eating, baby [red-tailed] hawk

7 June 2017

A baby hawk is being raised by an eagle. There are already 3 eaglets in the nest, appearing huge when compared to their little sibling, probably brought into the nest as a food source and then adopted and raised – comments by eagle biologist David Hancock at the nest.

Raccoon in Canada video

This video from British Columbia, Canada says about itself:

Raccoon Vs Rock Crab – Blue Planet – BBC Earth

22 February 2017

On the coast of Vancouver Island, the changing tides have a fascinating impact on shallow sea life. Raccoons take full advantage of the low tide to enjoy a sea feast in the spring tides.

Canadian Great Bear Rainforest news

This video from Canada says about itself:

1 February 2016

It’s time to celebrate! After years of protest, followed by a decade of negotiations and planning, the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements are finally in place. Eighty-five per cent (3.1 million hectares) of the remote region’s coastal temperate rainforests are now permanently off-limits to industrial logging.