Lethal military plane crash in Canada

This 18 May 2020 video from Canada says about itself:

A Canadian Forces Snowbirds plane crashed in a residential area of Kamloops, B.C., on Sunday, the second crash involving the military’s famed aerobatic team in less than a year.

This video is also about that crash.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

A plane crashed at a military air show in the Canadian province of British Columbia. An occupant was killed in the process. Another one was taken to a hospital, seriously injured.

The plane’s debris ended up on a home that caught fire.

First of all, I wish consolation and strength to all relatives and friends of the person who was killed. And recovery to the injured person. And to the people whose home burned. As the military plane crashed in a residential area, the crash might have killed and injured still more people and burned more homes.

The show was meant to cheer people up in the coronavirus crisis.

Canadian people might have more reason for cheering up if successive governments would have spent more money on pandemic prevention and other healthcare, instead of expensive wars in Afghanistan, elsewhere and other militarism. And if Canadian war profiteering corporations would have produced enough life-saving PPE instead of weapons for the Saudi regime for butchering Yemeni civilians.

This reminds me of Donald Trump, who ordered an expensive stunt of expensive military planes above New York City ‘to salute healthcare workers’; while that money might have been spent on PPE to save these healthcare workers’, their patients’ and their relatives’ lives.

Doctor slams President Trump for ‘wasting’ at least $5MILLION on Blue Angels and Thunderbird flyovers as a salute to medics, saying ‘you want to help healthcare workers, get us PPE‘: here.

This video says about itself:

Doctor Explains the Cost of Blue Angel Flyovers || ViralHog

Occurred on May 12, 2020 / USA

“I heard that the Blue Angels and the Air Force Firebirds were going to fly over Chicago as appreciation for the health workers on the front line of this pandemic and I got angry. I had one of my partners video me in the hospital.”

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