Long-tailed manakins and tree porcupine in Costa Rica

This video is called Dr. Exhaustus on the Rio Tempisque.

Costa Rica, 22 March 2014. We were close to the Tempisque river then. However, this blog post, after the earlier post, is not about the river, but about countryside and forests close to it.

Not far from the bus, a lesser ground-cuckoo singing. Above it, a stripe-headed sparrow.

On a branch, a sleeping common nighthawk.

We walk in a dry forest, typical for much of Guanacaste province before many trees were cut down to expand cattle grazing grounds.

A streaked flyfatcher.

A turquoise-browed motmot.

Then, special birds: long-tailed manakins.

This video is called Long-tailed Manakin Courtship display – Mal Pais, Costa Rica.

It says about itself:

05/12/2012 – Rough video of males performing courtship display with female present; filming as mosquitoes tested my patience.

A blue morpho butterfly.

A green heron in a tree.

11:21 in the morning. Two spectacled owls in another tree in another forest.

An anhinga near a ditch.

We are back. Melodious blackbirds eat berries.

Mexican tree porcupine, 22 March 2014

13:00: a baby Mexican tree porcupine in a tree.

Black iguana, 22 March 2014

On the other side of the same tree: a black iguana.

In a small lake, not far away: two least grebes.

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