Twenty new fish species discovered in Indonesia

This video is called Diving Indonesia – Grey Reef Sharks.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

At Indonesian fish markets, at least twenty new species of rays and sharks have been discovered.

Australian researchers went to these markets in the five past years in order to photograph and describe fishes.

According to the Australians, before their research started, still much was unknown about sharks and rays in Indonesia.

There are more sharks and rays there than anywhere else in the world.

Each year, over 100,000 tons are caught.

Ever since Dutch researcher Pieter Bleeker between 1842 and 1860 described over 1100 fish species in Indonesia, there has not been such intensive research into new fish species there.

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“Rembrandt” not by Rembrandt

Rembrandt, Self-portrait

From Dutch NOS TV:

The painting “Man with a red bonnet” is not by Rembrandt.

It was made in Rembrandt’s workshop, however.

This was concluded by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen [in Rotterdam, The Netherlands] after the painting was restored.

There had been doubts about who made it for a long time.

Music, poetry, and a magician in the theater

Frans TerkenOn Tuesday 27 February, there was music, poetry, and a magician in the theater.

The presenter was Egon Snelders.

The music was by Warner van Esch, and Maurice Tomey.

The magician was Tilman Andris.

And the poetry was by Frans Terken from Leiderdorp and Ton Jansen from Leiden.

Ton Jansen was first, with poems including one on refugee children.

Then, Maurice Tomey.

Then, the rope and rings tricks by Tilman Andris.

After the pause, the column by yours truly, about Rembrandt.

Then, the composer Warner van Esch on his new opera, with vocals by Olga van Marion.

Finally, Frans Terken’s poems.