How Zambian cheetahs hunt, video

This 2 January 2020 video from Zambia says about itself:

At Kafue National Park, one cheetah has adapted his hunting strategy to find more prey: he hunts in the forest, instead of the open plains. This flexibility is good news for the future of Africa’s most endangered big cat.

How African pied kingfishers hover

This 14 December 2019 video, recorded in Zambia, says about itself:

Why Hovering is a Key Skill for the Pied Kingfisher

The pied kingfisher is the largest bird in the world that is able to hover without using air currents. This means it doesn’t need a perch to hunt for fish, but can do so from the middle of a lake.

Rare baboons in Zambia, Africa, new research

This 7 December 2017 video from Zambia says about itself:

An American biologist sets out to study the little-known Kinda baboon species – and this involves getting close to them in their natural habitat. Everything is of interest, from their fur patterns to their mannerisms.

How spots help giraffes

This 11 July 2019 video, recorded in Zambia, says about itself:

How Giraffe Spots Act Like a Natural Air Conditioner

The dark patches on a giraffe’s skin have more blood vessels than the light skin. This can help heat dissipate, allowing them to stay cool.

In a new Ethology study, researchers examined information on two adjacent giraffe populations in Kenya to determine whether human activities and high predation affect their social networks: here.

Wildebeest drives away cheetahs, video

This 17 May 2019 video from Zambia says about itself:

A Wildebeest Bull Stands Up to Two Cheetahs

A wildebeest bull takes exception to a couple of cheetahs who are feeding too close to his herd. Amazingly, he decides to take a direct stand against them, forcing them out of his territory.