Blame Muslims for your own homophobia, Rush Limbaugh advises

This video from the USA says about itself:

Lesbian Denied A Wedding Dress | “What Would You Do?”

The saleslady will not sell her a wedding dress simply because she is a lesbian.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Rush Limbaugh advises bakery owners who disapprove of homosexuality to blame ‘fear of a Muslim backlash’ for refusing gay wedding cakes

The outspoken radio-host told listeners: ‘Don’t say anything about “it’s your religion that prevents you from doing it”. Say it’s Islam

The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has provoked outrage by suggesting bakeries who want to refuse gay wedding cake orders cite fears of a “Muslim backlash” or claim “respect of Islam” as a reason for declining to make them.

In a post for The Rush Limbaugh Show entitled, ‘My Advice for the Next Time You’re Asked to Bake a Gay Wedding Cake’, Limbaugh contented that gay activists had been targeting bakeries and photography stores in a bid to prove their discrimination and bias.

His comments came almost a month after Christian bakers were fined $135,000 (£86,000) for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Limbaugh claimed the media “will absolutely obey the demands of militant Islam” and refrain from publishing pictures of the Prophet Mohamed. However, he said the mainstream press will promote same-sex marriage and gay rights “all day long”.

“Why, on the one hand, do we respect their wishes when it comes to cartoon renderings of the prophet Mohamed and ignore their wishes and ignore what they claim upsets them and angers them when it comes to gay marriage?” he asked.

Limbaugh told bakery owners who disagree with gay marriage on religious grounds to instead claim they could not bake their cake because of their “respect for Islam”.

“Therefore I have an idea. I know that many of you out there run businesses that if a gay couple, a married gay couple came in and asked for your service, you would deny it on the basis that you disapprove, your religion does not sanction the approval of gay marriage.

“Instead of telling the gay couple that you refuse to bake the cake for their wedding because you disapprove of homosexuality, you should now say you are not going to bake a cake for the gay wedding because you fear Muslim backlash. Or, due to your respect of Islam, you cannot bake a cake for a gay wedding. See how that flies.

“Well, just make a note. Any of you small business owners who think you’re gonna get a visit from a gay couple asking you for your product or service at a gay wedding just say, “Nah, nah, nah, we refuse because of our respect of Islam. We can’t.”

Rush Limbaugh, United States misogynist

International Women’s Day was two days ago. However, the movement for women’s rights is not limited to just one day. Unfortunately, neither is conservative sexism.

By Robert Greenwald and Jesse Lava, Brave New Foundation in the USA:

How to Honor Rush Limbaugh on International Women’s Day (Video)

Thursday 8 March 2012

As of this writing, 49 sponsors have pulled out of the Rush Limbaugh show after his repeated demeaning remarks about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke. But of course, this isn’t the first time Rush has slandered women. Or the second. Or the fifth. Or the tenth. He makes a career out of enflaming misogynistic (not to mention xenophobic, racist, and classist) passions).

So with today being International Women’s Day, we at Brave New Foundation are celebrating Rush Limbaugh with a mash-up of some of his greatest hits on women.

Anyone who wants to contact Rush’s dwindling number of sponsors to demand that they withdraw their support can find a good list here. Can each of us put another nail in the coffin of Rush’s career?

The Self-Destruction Of Limbaugh, Murdoch and Beck: here.

Limbaugh returns to slut shaming: Women who need the pill should stop doing ‘a certain thing’: here.

Adam Peck, ThinkProgress: “Responding to mounting pressure from veterans groups, the US Army confirmed that they would be joining at least 140 other advertisers in pulling their support from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show … 141 advertisers that requested their spots be pulled from the show after Limbaugh’s misogynistic tirade. The Army is on that list. While the military is pulling its ads from Limbaugh, Armed Forces Radio continues to air the show”: here.

Ad Time’s a Terrible Thing to Waste: Strange But True Twists In Limbaugh Scandal: here.

Five Right-Wing Violations Against Women That We Must Crush. Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet: “It’s true that progressives and women’s groups are fighting back with unprecedented vigor, and the campaigns against Komen, against Rush Limbaugh’s sexist smears, against the Blunt Amendment, show that women can organize quickly and powerfully over social media…. The GOP War on Women is in full throttle over a year since it kicked off, taking its toll in particular on the state level where recent data shows that all the posturing has dramatically changed living conditions for women – and not for the better”: here.

War on Women: Anti-Contraception Literature Handed Out at Conservative Conference Headlined by Santorum, Paul Ryan: here.

GOP Tries to Water Down Violence Against Women Act, Expresses Willingness to Tolerate Some Domestic Abuse: here.

Fighting Fire With Water: The Christian Role in the War on Women. Nynia Chance, RH Reality Check: “Birth should never be about control, but there are those who are working very hard to make it so. There are those who are doing their level best to usurp control over women’s legal and moral rights to their own lives, under the pretense of protecting hypothetical lives that could come into being. And they do so under the idea that it is their divinely-appointed place to ensure that each woman is put into hers, regardless of her own conscience and beliefs”: here.

Conservative sexism

This video from the USA is called Woman called ‘slut’ by Limbaugh is ‘stunned, outraged’.

By Sarah Seltzer in the USA:

The 11 Dumbest Things Conservatives Have Said About Women

From Rush Limbaugh to the Pope, it’s been one of the worst months ever for verbalized sexism.

Boycott Rush Limbaugh and his advertisers and sponsors: here.

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Female Veterans Call for American Forces Network to Drop Rush Limbaugh: here.

It would behoove every one of us, especially those of us who are husbands, fathers of daughters or who have women as friends and colleagues, to also ask ourselves one simple question before we vote for anyone: Has he or she been willing to stand up to the likes of Rush Limbaugh? Here.

O’Reilly joins sexist attack on Sandra Fluke, claims she wants gov’t to pay for her “social life”: here.

Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Network respects Rush Limbaugh’s right to call women sluts: here.

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Half of Rush Limbaugh’s Butt. Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: “Of course, by now, most everyone is aware that Bain Capital – where Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars and from which he still receives millions – is co-owner of the company, Clear Channel, which pays Limbaugh his reported salary of $400 million dollars over eight years. Limbaugh even acknowledged this on his program”: here.

Romney, Santorum and Paul respond to Limbaugh’s sexist, hateful attacks with weak non-condemnations.

Axelrod: Limbaugh only gave a “quasi-apology”: here.

Rush Limbaugh’s Despicable Non-Apology: here.

Romney‘s Contraception Flip-Flop Reminds Everyone Why They Hate Him: here.

Why Do We Live in a World That’s Petrified of Women Who Love Sex? Here.

The United States Supreme Court ended its October 2013 term with a 5-4 ruling allowing private corporations to deny their workers insurance for birth control, coverage otherwise required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare), as long as the corporate owners claim their religious beliefs oppose contraception: here.