German Islamophobe anti-Semite as well

This video is called CNN’s Fred Pleitgen on a neo Nazi campaign against a black German politician.

From Der Spiegel in Germany:


A ‘Jewish Gene’

Immigration Provocateur in Germany Crosses the Line

Thilo Sarrazin, infamous for his controversial comments on Muslims and immigration, has unleashed a storm of criticism after positing the existence of a Jewish gene. Chancellor Merkel has had enough and many have called for him to be thrown off the board of the German Central Bank.

Angela Merkel is mad. In a Sunday evening interview on German public television, the German chancellor was visibly irate when asked about the recent comments on integration and immigration by Thilo Sarrazin, a member of the board at the German Central Bank.

“The statements from Mr. Sarrazin are completely unacceptable,” she said. “They are exclusionary in a way that shows contempt for entire groups within our society. For me, the worst part is that by confronting the issue the way he does, he makes a discussion of that issue much more difficult.” …

‘All Jews Share a Certain Gene’

Over the weekend, Sarrazin went even further. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Sarrazin waded into the frought field of genetics, saying “all Jews share a certain gene, all Basques have certain genes that make them different from other people.” …

Merkel is far from the only politician who has expressed disgust at the comments by Sarrazin, a former member of government in the city-state of Berlin and still a member of the Social Democrats. German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg suggested to the weekly tabloid Bild am Sonntag that Sarrazin should lose his seat on the board of the German Central Bank. “Every provocation has its limits. It is a limit that (Sarrazin) has clearly overstepped with his confusing and inappropriate comments,” he said.

Merkel too seemed to suggest that Sarrazin should no longer remain on the Bundesbank board. “I am certain that it will be a topic within the Bundesbank,” she said. Head of the German Central Bank Axel Weber has said he will comment on Sarrazin’s latest provocations on Monday afternoon. …

In previous comments, he [Sarrazin] has blasted welfare recipients and suggested they could live on much less money than they currently receive. He has also called students “assholes” and said that civil servants are “pale and foul smelling.” Of German plans to rescue the carmaker Opel, he said: “No one needs an Opel.”

Following his interview with Lettre, the SPD sought to kick him out of the party, an effort that ultimately failed this spring. Now, however, momentum seems to be building for another attempt. Last week, SPD head Sigmar Gabriel seemed to invite Sarrazin to leave the party when he said he had no idea why he was still a member.

Since then, several SPD members have gone further. Christian Gaebler, SPD head in the Berlin neighborhood of Charlottenburg, where Sarrazin is registered, told SPIEGEL “enough is enough. Should Mr. Sarrazin not go willingly, we are initiating proceedings to throw him out of the party.” Ralf Stegner, head of the SPD in the northern state of Schleswig Holstein, called him a “rhetorical bully” in an essay for SPIEGEL ONLINE. And Hannelore Kraft, the new governor North Rhine-Westphalia, told SPIEGEL ONLINE on Monday that “those who generalize to the degree that Mr. Sarrazin does do not belong in the SPD. He should go.”

It doesn’t seem likely, however, that Sarrazin will go willingly. “I intend to take my SPD membership with me to the grave,” he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung over the weekend.

In the past it has proved much easier for SPD bosses to kick out “too Leftist” members than it seems to be now to kick out anti-Semite racist Sarrazin. Sarrazin belongs among the neo-nazis of the NPD.

Neo-Nazi NPD Celebrates Thilo Sarrazin’s New Book: here.

See on Sarrazin also here.

UPDATE: German Bundesbank board member releases book, still employed: here.

Austrian police are investigating a video game released by the right-wing Freedom Party, the former political home of the late Jörg Haider, that invites players to stop the construction of minarets and mosques. But the politician behind the campaign answers his critics with: “We’d rather have Sarrazin than a muezzin”: here.

USA: Muslim worker asks federal probe of Disney discrimination: here.

Video: Full press conference of NYC taxi driver Ahmed Sharif and supporters talking about anti-Muslim attack: here.

5 Arrested in upstate NY on hate crime charges for targeting mosque; Muslim man hit by SUV: here.

Scores of club-wielding skinheads have attacked a crowd of about 3,000 people at a rock concert in central Russia on Sunday, killing a teenager: here.

21 thoughts on “German Islamophobe anti-Semite as well

  1. Und die kostenlose Werbung für das Buch von Sarrazin geht weiter. Wer den ganzen Tag die Schlagzeilen beherrscht, dem sind Mega Verkaufszahlen sicher. Jetzt bleibt mal abzuwarten ob der Gabriel ihn aus der SPD wird und die Merkel aus der Bundesbank. Ich glaube, wenn das Thema in ein paar Tagen durchgekaut ist, verlauft sich das bis zum nächsten Buch von Sarrazin im Sande.


  2. Hi ebook leser, I hope that your pessimistic predictions will turn out to be wrong, and that Sarrazin and his fellow racists will be kicked out of SPD, Bundesbank, and decent society. I think you are right about the role of the big media, especially the Springer media.


  3. Brownshirts ask neonazi to visit

    CZECH REPUBLIC: The “fuehrer” of Germany’s neonazi National Democratic Party (NPD) is scheduled to visit the country tomorrow at the invitation of the brownshirt Workers’ Social Justice Party (DSSS).

    DSSS activist Jiri Stepanek said he hoped that NPD leader Udo Voigt’s trip would serve to “solidify collaboration” between the two fascist outfits.

    In April the DSSS and NPD agreed to campaign against the European Union and immigration.


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