Dutch government, NATO allies of Turkish government ISIS allies

This video says about itself:

27 September 2014

The Turkish support for ISIS continues as thousands of ISIS gang members have crossed the Turkish border into ISIS areas on September 14th, just before the renewed heavy attacks on Kobane.

While in Antep, Turkey, a hospital was built for the treatment of ISIS members.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“No weapons for Kurds of Kobani”

Update: Tuesday 14 Oct 2014, 18:56

The Netherlands will not supply arms to the Kurdish fighters who defend the Syrian city Kobani against ISIS. Minister [of Foreign Affairs] Timmermans writes this in a letter to the Lower House of Parliament.

Timmermans says that the risk is too great that the weapons will end up in the hands of the PKK.

The Turkish Kurdish allies of the Syrian Rojava Kurds. Together, eg, they helped the Yazidi minority in Iraq escape from a threatening massacre by ISIS.

That organization is on the European terrorism list. …

The Netherlands will send a fact-finding mission to the region to find out what the moderate groups in Syria need in their fight against ISIS.

According to the New York Times, within the Sunni sectarian armed opposition in Syria, moderates exist only on the paper of propaganda speeches. Sometimes, these so-called ‘moderates’ may have quarrels with ISIS. Sometimes, according to the relatives of Steven Sotloff, they sell prisoners to ISIS for beheading.

Obama meets anti-ISIS “coalition” amid rising US-Turkish tensions: here.

US [in cahoots with Turkish government] pressured Denmark to close Kurdish TV so Rasmussen would become NATO chief – lawyer: here.

Atlantic Council NATO propaganda: here.

Quote from a Scottish trade unionist:

“The British government must take the PKK off the list of terrorist organisations where Jack Straw placed it when he was foreign secretary and Turkey must release PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been in detention for 15 years.”

62 thoughts on “Dutch government, NATO allies of Turkish government ISIS allies

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  2. Ankara has launched a swathe of bombing raids against the Kurdish nationalist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in recent days, indicating that its priority remains crushing Kurdish aspirations of statehood rather than battling Isis.

    Former deputy prime minister Emrullah Isler has openly declared his preference for the jihadists over the PKK, claiming dubiously that “Isis kills, but at least they don’t torture,” after a Turkish teenager died during clashes between Kurdish protesters and security forces last week.

    The Turkish government has refused to co-operate with Syrian authorities in battling Isis, instead insisting on arming and training “moderate” rebels to fight both Isis and Bashar al-Assad’s government.

    It continues the disastrous policy it has followed throughout the Syrian civil war, along the United States and others, which has let weapons flood into Isis’s hands as supposedly pro-Western rebels defect or sell their equipment to the extremists.



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  11. Ströbele: PKK ban is full of inconsistencies and must be lifted

    German Green Party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele has said he will support the Left Party’s proposal that the ban on the PKK be lifted in Thursday’s debate in the Federal Parliament.

    In spite of the effective struggle being waged by the PKK against ISIS in the Middle East, the insistence of the German government in maintaining the ban on the PKK led the Left Party to put down a motion calling for the ban to be lifted in December last year. The Federal Parliament will debate the motion in a special session on 26 February.

    The Left Party (Die Linke), which with more than 70 seats in parliament is the main opposition party, will explain in parliament why the ban should be lifted.

    German Green Party politician Hans-Christian Ströbele told ANF that he will support the Left Party’s proposal that the ban on the PKK be lifted in Thursday’s debate in the Federal Parliament. Ströbele stressed that the PKK ban is full of inconsistencies, as banning the Kurds who succeeded in defeating ISIS is an inconsistent policy.

    ‘The government’s Kurdish policy is full of inconsistencies’

    Green Party deputy Ströbele recalled that when ISIS attacks on South and West Kurdistan were increasing there was a debate in Germany over whether weapons should be provided to the Kurds. He added: “The main focus of that debate was over which Kurdish groups should receive weapons and whether the PKK would benefit. We subsequently saw that some of the arms sent found their way to the PKK forces fighting ISIS.”

    Ströbele quoted a report in Der Spiegel last week headlined: “German weapons in the hands of the PKK,” adding: “You give a group fighting on the same front weapons, then you ban them in this country and criminalise the Kurds here. This is an inconsistent policy.” Ströbele called on the government to lift the ban on the PKK.

    ‘I am hopeful regarding the peace process’

    Ströbele said he was pleased that the peace process between the Turkish government and the Kurdish side was continuing. He said it was positive that a process of resolution had begun after decades of conflict. “I hope peace will be achieved and that negotiations will begin between the parties,” he added.

    In September Ströbele drew attention to the contradiction inherent in the fact that PKK militants had rescued Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar, but if they came to Germany they would be arrested. The government responded, saying the PKK might have done positive things in recent times, but the ban would continue.

    Who is Hans-Christian Ströbele?

    76-year-old Hans-Christian Ströbele is a prominent member of the German Green Party. In the 1970s he was a lawyer who defended members of the Red Army Fraction (RAF). Since 1998 he has been a deputy in the Federal Parliament and is the only Green Party deputy who was directly elected. In 2013 he met Edward Snowden in Moscow.

    Source: Berlin – Anf – perwer yas 24-02-2015


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  15. Regering blijft herdenking Armeense genocide mijden

    Het kabinet is niet van plan iemand uit de regering af te vaardigen naar de honderdste herdenking op 24 april in Armenië van de Armeense genocide.

    Eerder maakt het kabinet bekend de ambassadeur in Georgië naar die bijeenkomst te sturen. Op dat voornemen komt het kabinet, ondanks verzoeken daartoe vanuit de Tweede Kamer, niet terug.

    Minister Koenders (Buitenlandse Zaken) heeft de Kamer donderdag geschreven dat „de keuze om de hoogst geaccrediteerde vertegenwoordiger van de Nederlandse staat in Armenië ons land te laten vertegenwoordigen, recht doet aan een waardige herdenking van de verschrikkelijke gebeurtenissen” in 1915.

    Het kabinet, stelt Koenders verder, „ervaart geen enkele druk van Turkije om op een bepaald niveau de herdenking bij te wonen of om terughoudendheid te betrachten; Nederland neemt dit besluit zelf.”

    Nog niet besloten is of Nederland deelneemt aan de herdenking van de slag om Gallipoli in 1915. Turkije herdenkt die slag dit jaar uitgerekend op dezelfde dag als waarop de herdenking van de Armeense genocide plaatsvindt.

    Het kabinet voert volgens hem nog steeds de motie-Rouvoet uit 2004 uit. Die verzocht het kabinet om in gesprekken met Turkije „voortdurend en nadrukkelijk de erkenning van de Armeense genocide aan de orde te stellen.”

    Koenders weigert evenwel de volkerenmoord op Armeniërs genocide te noemen. Wel geeft hij toe dat er onder wetenschappers „een grote mate van consensus” is over wat destijds is gebeurd. De meesten van hen zijn het erover eens dat er sprake was van genocide.

    Bron: Reformatorisch Dagblad 27-03-2015


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  46. Belgisch gerechtshof: ‘PKK is geen terroristische organisatie’.

    Persverklaring DEMNED naar aanleiding uitspraak Belgisch gerechtshof

    14 september 2017

    Brussel – Het Belgische gerechtshof heeft zich vandaag uitgesproken over de zaak waarbij 36 Koerdische politici terecht stonden. Die volgens de Belgische en Turkse aanklagers deel uit maken van een ‘terroristische organisatie’. De zaak waarbij prominente politici zoals: Remzi Kartal, Adem Uzun en Zubeyir Aydar terecht staan, loopt al vanaf 2006.

    ‘Er vindt een gewapende strijd plaats in Turkije en de PKK is een strijdende partij in dit conflict. Waardoor de PKK niet als terroristische organisatie gezien kan worden’. Zo luidt de uitspraak van het Belgische gerechtshof. Tevens benadrukt het gerechtshof dat de bevolking niet het doelwit is tijdens gewapende aanvallen van de PKK. ‘Het doel van de PKK is niet het terroriseren van het volk, maar op komen voor de rechten van de Koerden’ aldus het gerechtshof.

    Ook ziet het gerechtshof geen relatie tussen de TAK en de PKK, die wel geclaimd wordt door de Turkse staat. Hieruit concludeert het gerechtshof dat de PKK niet als terroristische organisatie gezien kan worden. Waardoor de politici niet volgens de Belgische anti – terreur wet vervolgd kunnen worden.

    De PKK staat al sinds het jaar 2002 op de Europese terreurlijst, waar de PKK ten onrechte op geplaatst is onder druk van Turkije. Deze uitspraak is een grote stap om dit onrecht recht te zetten. Wij als DemNed zijn zeer tevreden met deze uitspraak, die laat zien dat de Koerdische vrijheidsstrijd een legitieme strijd is. Wij roepen dan ook de Nederlandse staat op, om ook de PKK van de terreurlijst af te halen.


    Raad van Gemeenschappen uit Koerdistan


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