German government cosies up to Turkish regime

This video says about itself:

Turkey: A Prison for Journalists

12 December 2016

In 2016, Turkey became the world’s leading jailer of journalists, imprisoning at least 81 reporters, editors, and producers– a record number. Watch CPJ’s short documentary to find out more about what led to this turn for the worse in Turkey, and read CPJ’s 2016 Prison Census and more at

After the German government denied the Armenian genocide for NATO military reasons … now this.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Turkey and Germany: we have to become friends again

The Foreign Ministers of Germany and Turkey want to do everything they can to tighten the ties. They said that when the Turkish minister Cavusoglu visited Germany.

Cavusoglu stated that he wants to build bridges with Germany, Turkey’s largest trading partner and an important ally in NATO. “Problems and disagreement” must be resolved through collaboration and discussions, he said. [German Minister] Gabriel agreed.


The relationship has been chilled in recent years by a series of collisions. For example, Germany was critical of the mass arrests and dismissals by the Turkish authorities after the failed coup in 2016 and the detention of a German human rights activist and a German journalist. …

At the end of last month, President Erdogan announced that he wants to restore the relationship with European countries, including the Netherlands. Erdogan said he had received “satisfactory signals”, also from Prime Minister Rutte.

The Turkish president visited the French President Macron yesterday in Paris to bolster his attempts at rapprochement.

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