Turkish regime keeps arresting journalists

This video says about itself:

‘Censorship burning the media’ – Turkey Journalists

16 February 2014

In Turkey, around 200 journalists protested against censorship and government pressure on the media. Many referred to the ruling party when they chanted “AK Party get your hands off the media”.

Last week, recordings were leaked on the Internet purportedly of Turkish TV executives manipulating an opinion poll and sacking reporters under government pressure.

Journalist Hilmi Hacaloğlu explained: “The government is trying to control the media by using the bosses or the journalists close to them.”

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Turkish opposition newspaper editor arrested

Today, 07:56

Police in Turkey have arrested the editor and a columnist of the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet. That happened this morning in raids. It involves managing editor Murat Sabuncu and columnist Güray Öz.

A court in Istanbul had issued an arrest warrant for the two, as well as 11 other journalists from the newspaper. They are suspected of supporting the Kurdish PKK party and the Gülen movement.

Highly fantastic accusations. Looks about as ‘credible’ as accusing someone in the USA of supporting both the Black Panthers and the far-right ‘Tea Party‘.

The former editor of Cumhuriyet was Can Dündar. He was sentenced to six years in prison for disclosing secret state documents.

About collusion between the Erdogan government and ISIS terrorism.

During a court hearing about that he was shot in front of the court.

Turkish State Closes and Bans the World’s only Feminist News Agency: JINHA. October 31, 2016: here.

Turkey has now surpassed China as the world’s main jailer of journalists: here.

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