Turkish, ‘Free’ Syrian Army invaders impose headscarves on women

This 31 January 2018 video about Syria is called Dr. Mihemed: Most of the Afrin victims are women and children.

The invasion by the Erdogan regime in Turkey of Afrin in northern Syria is not only a violation of international law rules against aggressive war, established at the post-World War II Nuremberg trials of German nazis. Not only does the Erdogan regime violate the human rights of many Turkish people, arrested for being pro-peace. Not only do the Turkish invaders and their ‘Free’ Syrian Army puppets injure and kill many civilians, including with poison gas according to this report.

Today, we hear that in parts of Afrin occupied by the invaders Syrian women are forced to wear headscarves. Just like banning women who themselves want to wear headscarves from doing so is abject despotism, forcing women to wear headscarves is abject despotism as well.

The Erdogan regime, a member of the NATO military alliance, fights its bloody war in Afrin with weapons from Britain, Germany and other NATO countries. Will Erdogan’s NATO allies object to this violation of women’s rights? Don’t hold your breath.

Turkey’s new dirty war. When the AKP lost its majority in the June 2015 election, President Erdoğan tried to discredit the successful HDP, and win nationalist votes, by declaring war on Turkeys Kurds and ending the peace process with the PKK: here.

Russia, Syria and the Kurds ‘agree resistance’ to Turkish invasion of Afrin: here.

A new “left” appeal for imperialist intervention in Syria: here.

18 thoughts on “Turkish, ‘Free’ Syrian Army invaders impose headscarves on women

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