Turkish doctors arrested for opposing war

This 1 February 2018 video is called Syria: Afrin Hospital overflowing with civilians injured in Turkish attacks.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Turkish doctors asked for peace, but got jail instead

Today, 9:02 PM

The entire board of the Turkish Association of Doctors TTB has been arrested. In the offices and hospitals where the eleven board members work, there have been incursions and files were seized. The association published a statement online earlier in the week entitled ‘War is a matter for public health‘.

Every war brings with it a humanitarian tragedy, by means of irreparable physical, psychological, social and environmental damage“, says the statement. It ends with the call: “No to war, peace now.”

It is a pacifist pamphlet, in which there are no references to the conflict in Afrin and none of the warring parties is directly addressed. Yet the statement has aroused President Erdogan‘s anger. He called the 140,000 members doctors’ federation, which represents eighty percent of the doctors in Turkey, friends of terrorists. …

“As physicians, we ask for peace, that is all, and we are against war”, says Dr. Samet Mengüç, chairman of a related medical association in Istanbul, who is also a member of the TTB. “This point of view is nothing new to us, and it is not particularly about this conflict, but our colleagues are jailed ‘because of propaganda for terror‘.”

Since the Turkish invasion of Afrin began, more than 300 people have been arrested who have spoken out against the war or shared information from social media across the front line … Dr. Mengüç has another explanation: “The government simply does not tolerate opposition, that is the way we see it. “

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