Erdogan’s ‘Free’ Syrian Army puppets loot Afrin

A 'Free Syrian Army' paramilitarist brings away loot in Afrin

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

‘Looting by rebels after invading Afrin

In northern Syria, Afrin is looted by Syrian rebels who helped Turkey in the battle for the city, reports the French news agency AFP. Afrin was captured yesterday from Kurdish fighters of the YPG militias in what Turkey calls ‘Operation Olive Branch’.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an organization in the United Kingdom …

That Observatory is usually pro-NATO; NATO, of which the Turkish Erdogan regime is a member and which gives the green light for that regime attacking Syria.

reports that the past day shops, military buildings and government offices have been looted. In the days before the fall of the city, many tens of thousands of people fled Afrin

AFP journalists have seen how Turkey-backed rebels searched and emptied stores, restaurants and houses. The items brought with them were then taken out of the fallen city.

Meanwhile, the International Red Cross has indicated that the organization wants easier access to the city and the surrounding areas to help the population. According to director Maurer of the International Red Cross, the Turkish sister organization, the Red Crescent, is heavily distrusted by the Kurds.

Erdogan vows to expand Syrian invasion further into Kurdish-held areas. Human rights groups have reported widespread looting in Afrin by Turkish troops and their allies: here.

ANNA CAMPBELL would not have seen her death as more important than others suffered in the brave Kurdish-led resistance to oppression in Syria. Whether fighting against the once apparently invincible Islamic State (Isis) hordes of jihadist reaction or the unjustifiable invasion of Aleppo province by Turkey, the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) brigade of Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have distinguished themselves on and off the battlefield. Campbell is one of a number of British and Irish volunteers to leave these islands to stand alongside Syria’s Kurds: here.

KURDISH activists have started a five-day protest in London to demand an immediate halt to Turkey’s attack on Afrin. Defend Afrin Platform is staging the protest outside Downing Street to call on the British government to stop its ally Turkey’s “massacre and war crimes” in northern Syria: here.

Hanover’s Kurds crowd city centre to protest Germany’s arm sales to Turkey: here.

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