Turkish regime arresting more pro-peace people

This 2 February 2018 video says about itself:

Stop war in Afrin اوقف الحرب في عفرين

In the video, people from Vietnam and several other countries call for stopping the war in Afrin.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

New wave of arrests in Turkey of critics of armed forces operation

Today, 15:47

In Turkey, 93 people were arrested in one week because of criticism of the military operation in Syrian Afrin. They are suspected of spreading terrorist propaganda. 666 Turks have been arrested since the start of the operation, the Ministry of the Interior has announced.

The majority of the detainees had criticized [the war] on social media. 192 Turks were also arrested during protests. …

The Turkish judiciary also focuses on the Turkish Kurdish HDP, the second largest opposition party in parliament. Against one of the two party leaders, Pervin Buldan, the justice department is starting a terror investigation because of her statements at a conference on the Turkish military operation.

Buldan said yesterday that the Afrin operation involves an attack on Kurdish civilians. She also said that her party would not be complicit in “this dark and lawless period in the history of Turkey”.

The arrests in Turkey due to criticism of ‘Afrin‘ are in addition to the wave of arrests that Turkey initiated after the failed coup in 2016. Tens of thousands of soldiers, policemen, judges and teachers were arrested because they were said to have links with the Gülen movement.

In the eyes of the Turkish government, this is a terror organization that is behind the coup. Some 150,000 Turks have been dismissed or suspended for the same reasons.

18 thoughts on “Turkish regime arresting more pro-peace people

  1. Wurtz: Erdoğan is a criminal according to international law
    Francis Wurtz, the long-time chairperson of the European United Left – Scandinavian Green Left group in the European Parliament, reacted harshly to the invasion attempt against Afrin and stated that Erdoğan is a criminal according to international laws.

    Francis Wurtz, who served as MEP between 1979 and 2009, issued a statement and said the attempt to invade Afrin is a clear violation of principles of international law. Wurtz said Erdoğan and the Turkish state officials should be held criminally responsible for these attacks and added that the attacks can’t be explained away with conjunctural excuses.


    Wurtz stressed that the attempt to invade Afrin is part of Erdoğan’s strategy to prevent the Kurdish cantons from coming together and that an autonomous region led by the PYD in Northern Syria is “Erdoğan’s nightmare”.

    Wurtz said Erdoğan personally threatened people against the war and had hundreds of them imprisoned, and added that war propaganda and a militarist-ultranationalist wind has been blown over the whole country.

    Wurtz also mentioned Erdoğan threatening France and other countries about the invasion being taken to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and said Turkey’s “bloody adventure” is hurting the fight against ISIS and voiding peace negotiations including Astana.


    Wurtz criticized the fact that a significant portion of military equipment and weapons the Erdoğan regime uses in the invasion attempt is provided by France and Germany, and protested their silence in the face of the invasion.

    Wurtz mentioned a sentence published in the pro-war daily Hürriyet last month and pointed to the paper’s view that weapons and money are what matter and the “lip service” criticisms of Western countries are “just for show”.

    Source: ANF PARIS 08-02-2018


  2. Kurds consider Turkey’s Afrin attacks as “against them”
    SAMER ran a poll in Diyarbakır asking people about the operation launched by the TAF and the groups under their control. 83.2% of Diyarbakır residents think the operations are “targeting Kurds and their gains”.

    Political and Social Research Center (Siyasal ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Merkezi – SAMER) ran a poll in Diyarbakır on the operation Turkey launched against Afrin along with the forces under their control, and the results go against the perception the government wants to create through the media that “Kurds support the operation” and that “the operation is not against Kurds”.


    The local poll was ran on January 25 and 26 in various districts, neighborhoods and streets in the city and the results show the sentiment created by the Afrin attacks. The poll was run with 203 people and the participants were asked, “Do you support Turkey’s Afrin/Efrîn operation?” and “Why do you think Turkey has launched a military operation against Afrin/Efrîn?”

    83.2% of participants said “no” when asked, “Do you support Turkey’s Afrin/Efrîn operation?” Only 6.9% said they supported the operation.

    43.8% of participants said “I don’t support the operation”, 39.4% said “I absolutely don’t support the operation”, 9.9% declined to answer, 5.9 said “I support the operation” and 1% said “I absolutely support the operation”.


    The field study also asked, “Why do you think Turkey has launched a military operation against Afrin/Efrîn?” and the answer “The operation is against the Kurds” is in the majority.

    The question was open ended and 16.3% of participants refused to answer, while the rest of the answers were as follows:

    “The operation targets the gains of the Kurds/Canton administrations”: 62.1%

    “The operation targets Kurds”: 57.6%

    “The operation wants to change the ethnic demographic makeup (the Kurdish population)”: 17.7%

    “The operation is done to have a say in Syria”: 14.3%

    “Tricked by foreign powers”: 8.4%

    “Security of the borders/country”: 5.9%

    “Against terrorism”: 1.5%

    “For national unity”: 1%


    SAMER Coordinator Yüksel Genç said Diyarbakır is a herald and a sign for the political tendencies in the region and stated that when looking at the data through this context, it shows that a majority of Kurds don’t approve of the operation and they believe the operation targets their existence and their gains.

    Genç said the following on the field observations they made throughout the study: “People don’t approve of the operation against Afrin, but they don’t feel safe enough to voice their dissent. A wide group think Russia is responsible for what happened, but they don’t see the US or other Western countries as trustworthy either. A significant portion believes there are parallels between the Afrin operation and the practices during the curfews.”


    SAMER Coordinator Genç stressed that the attack against Afrin has “allowed the unity connection among Kurds with different political tendencies which has evaded them for a long time”.

    Source: ANF AMED 01-02-2018


  3. “Erdoğan attacks Afrin with remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra”
    YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud pointed out that Erdoğan is attacking Afrin with the remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra and said: “Like we resisted and prevailed in Serekaniye and Kobane, we will resist and prevail in Afrin.”

    YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud stated that the SDF has developed the Resistance of the Age against attacks by the Turkish army and their gangs and said, “A breathless resistance is developed against the invasion.”

    Mehmud also pointed out the propaganda the invading army and their gangs are making regarding the Qestel Cindo Hill: “Our forces retaliate their attacks to the end. Them taking control of a couple of hundred meters does not equal to a large advance. So it doesn’t mean that they have achieved success.”

    Nuri Mehmud stated that the fighters are displaying a breathless resistance against attacks in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin and continued: “We must understand the significance of Afrin well. Today there is a historic resistance against the Turkish state in Afrin. Our forces retaliate the Turkish army and their gangs and fight them both. What is important here is that we know what Afrin means. The whole world should know. Afrin is forming a democratic system and offering the whole of the Middle East a democratic solution. That is why them taking control of a few points or advancing a few hundred meters should not be exaggerated.” Mehmud added that the world remains silent in the face of the Turkish state attacks, even when it means trampling their own laws.


    Mehmud said the following on Erdoğan’s relationship to the gangs: “Erdoğan is implementing ISIS’ project personally. Turkey, under Erdoğan’s command, has been doing this since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. The Ikhwan movement (Muslim Brotherhood) wanted to implement the same project under the guise of religion. They had plans for all the Middle East. But everybody saw what they were hiding underneath the moderate Islam veil. They are fascists, they only believe in one color, and they don’t accept free life or society.”

    Mehmud said ISIS is trying to make their presence permanent through settling in various countries: “ISIS has settled in various countries in the Middle East and they tried to keep their presence. And they carried out terrorist attacks in the US and Europe. They wanted to take over the whole of the Middle East. Today Erdoğan is attacking Afrin with the remnants of ISIS and Al-Nusra. The Turkish army is a part of NATO. They want the democratic project that will bring solutions in the political, service, economy and education areas and uphold culture and ideas to fail.”


    Nuri Mehmud said the following on the international silence: “The world, the UN are still silent about the attacks against Afrin. The Turkish state is using NATO weapons. Now there are Al-Nusra and ISIS gangs within the Turkish army. But we see that the international public doesn’t speak up against these attacks or show any reaction. They have enabled Erdoğan in attacking a peaceful society that fights against terror for the whole world. Will this society be protected? What will the international public do in the face of Afrin? Erdoğan is now dragging the whole world into a great catastrophe.”


    YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud said their forces will resist and prevail in Afrin like they resisted and prevailed in Serekaniye and Kobane, and concluded with: “We will resist and we will prevail in Afrin as well. Now they are implementing the same attack plan on Afrin. But we say they cannot win. Russia wants to look like a fundamental force in Syria, but Russia should know that the price for their policies in Syria and the Middle East will be something else.”

    Source: ANF NEWS DESK 02-02-2018


  4. TURKEY: Six journalists and newspaper workers were jailed for life yesterday for sending “subliminal messages” to plotters of the 2016 coup attempt, while German-Turkish reporter Deniz Yucel was released from jail pending a trial on trumped-up “terror propaganda” charges.

    The jailed six include prominent journalists Nazli Ilicak and brothers Mehmet and Ahmet Altan. More than 300 journalists have been arrested in the post-coup crackdown.

    Die Welt correspondent Mr Yucel was also accused of spying for Berlin, and was held in solitary confinement in a maximum-security prison for months.



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