Dutch government lied on taxpayers’ money to terrorism in Syria


Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The House of Representatives wants clarification from the government about new revelations of Nieuwsuur TV show and Trouw daily about Dutch aid to Syrian militias. Nieuwsuur and Trouw report that the aid to Syrian insurgents was explicitly meant for fighting, contrary to what [Foreign Affairs] Minister Blok reported to the House about this.

The government also unintentionally disclosed state secrets after requests based on the Government Information Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur) by mentioning names of the groups involved. Foreign Affairs has now removed those names from the internet.

Nieuwsuur reports, eg (translated):

The name of the controversial Jabhat al-Shamiya

aka al-Qaeda in Syria, aka al-Nusra Front

occurs in a Dutch supply agreement for a number of pick-up trucks. The movement is accused by human rights organizations of summary executions, rape, torture and kidnapping.

On the one hand, the government justified paying Dutch taxpayers’ money to these militias by claiming they were ‘moderate’. On the other hand, these groups are on the government’s official lists of terrorists. They are jihadist in practice, committing war crimes against Kurdish children and other Syrian civilians.

When some misguided Muslim Dutch teenager, maybe appalled by Islamophobia in the Netherlands or encouraged by praise for jihadists in Syria by the ex-commander-in-chief of the Dutch armed forces, joins such a militia, then the Dutch government considers him (or her) to be a terrorist. If he, or she, returns to the Netherlands, then he or she will be prosecuted and jailed for terrorism.

‘Moderate’ Syrian rebel violated dead bodies of enemies: here.

Britain involved in smuggling arms to terrorists in Syria since 2012 – according to Middle East Eye: here.

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