Turkish soldiers, ‘Free Syrian’ puppets looting Afrin in Syria

This video says about itself:

In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire

20 March 2018

Journalist for the Independent, Patrick Cockburn, returning from Northern Syria says one of the most peaceful places in the region has turned into a swamp of human misery for the Kurds.

This 19 March 2018 video is called FSA [Free Syrian Army, puppets of Turkey’s Erdogan] busy looting civilians’ properties in Afrin.

Turkey’s seizure of Afrin and the growing danger of a regional war the Middle East: here.

Erdogan promises to extend Turkey’s war in Syria at election rally: here.

British government prosecutes anti-Afrin war demonstrators for carrying Kurdish flags: here.

42 thoughts on “Turkish soldiers, ‘Free Syrian’ puppets looting Afrin in Syria

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  10. Turkish state allied gangs oppress people in Afrin

    The gangs engaged in counterguerrilla activity in the Turkish state invaded Afrin force the residents to leave their homes, torture them and confiscate their property.

    Following the Turkish state and their allied Al Nusra, FSA and ISIS gangs’ invasion attacks against Afrin, hundreds of thousands of people from Afrin were forced out of their homes. The Turkish state and the gangs looted the people’s property and burned down homes and villages of hundreds of families from Afrin. The gangs now carry out counterguerrilla activity in Afrin center and the villages, confiscating property and torturing the people arrested with various accusations.


    Counter units Murad Sîno, Mistefa Ehmed Hecî Hiso, Ebu Aslan and Feysel Fuat Hemelîko who oppress and target the people have tortured dozens of civilians and confiscated property and crops from many.

    Murad Sino has been in the FSA for the last 6 years, and is a tank operator in Afrin now. He tortures and oppresses people under various excuses. Mistefa Ehmed Hecî Hiso is a counterguerrilla unit who acts together with FSA gangs as they invade Afrin. Hiso has created a torture hall for the gangs to use against the citizens in the Hisinê village. Hiso has detained and questioned villagers, and murdered a mentally disabled citizen in the village.


    Ebû Aslan, a FSA member of 7 years, lives in Azaz. Ebû Aslan has been tasked by the gangs to be responsible for the Mîrkan village. Feysel Fuat Hemelîko joined the gangs along with his cousin after they invaded Afrin, and now targets citizens in the Hisinê village. Feysel Fuat Hemelîko oppresses the villagers and is one of the prominent men who arrest and torture citizens. The gangs hold citizens of Afrin for ransom, like they did yesterday in the Hisinê village for Ehmed Hemo, his wife, mother in law and uncle. The abducted citizens haven’t been released yet.

    Source: ANF SHEBA 07-05-2018


  11. Turkish army uses cluster bombs in Bradost

    On May 1, 2018, the Turkish army has bombed the shacks and huts used during the summer by villagers in the Şuşane village in the Bradost region with fighter jets. In the same area, the Turkish army also used clusterbombs, banned by international treaties.

    The Turkish army, having suffered heavy losses against the HPG and YJA-Star guerillas in the Bradost-Hakurk region, has bombed the pasturelands used by the villagers in summer months with fighter jets and mortars.

    One of the bombings was carried out on May 1 and targeted the Shushane village in the Bradost region. Use of cluster bombs was detected in the attack by fighter jets.

    In the village hit by fighter jets, cluster bombs with timers and motion sensors have been documented.

    Some of these munitions banned by international treaties had exploded, while undetonated bombs were also found.

    Footage from the Shushane village shows huts and shack bombed by fighter jets and the cluster bombs used in the attack.

    Source: ANF M. EMİN MUTLU BRADOST 11-05-2018


  12. Germany still turns a blind eye to Afrin
    The German government responded to an inquiry on the humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the Turkish state’s invasion of Afrin with an evasive “Civilian rights may have not been protected in Afrin.”

    Die Linke had submitted a written inquiry for the federal government led by Angela Merkel on the humanitarian and social situation in Afrin after the invasion by the Turkish state. The Foreign Ministry responded to the inquiry in the name of the government on whether Germany had information on the humanitarian crisis in the region.

    Die Linke MP Helin Evrim Sommer led the inquiry that remained mostly unanswered, and the parts that the ministry did respond to were evasive answers. Despite the looting and the attacks by gangs in front of the whole world to see, the ministry only said, “Civilian rights may have not been protected in Afrin.”

    Despite the Turkish state invasion, the ministry said: “Right now, there are obstacles posed by various parties in the war regarding the people returning to Afrin.” The German foreign ministry stated that there are 137.000 people who have had to flee Afrin and are currently refugees, and that the issue of potable water is not entirely resolved in the region.


    The ministry responded to most questions on the Turkish state’s crimes in Afrin with “We don’t have information,” and “We don’t have definitive evidence”. MP Sommer spoke about the Merkel government’s responses and said: “The Federal Government’s Afrin policies have been very sly since the beginning.”

    Sommer stated that the Federal Government’s strategy towards the Erdoğan regime is “silence”, and added: “The Turkish state violated international law in Afrin, and many NATO members condemned the Turkish state’s war, while the Federal Government just ‘voiced concerns’.” Sommer pointed out that international humanitarian aid organizations still can’t access the areas under Turkish state invasion and demanded the Berlin administration put pressure on Ankara to open a humanitarian corridor to Afrin.

    Source: ANF BERLIN 16-05-2018


  13. 83% of Germans don’t want weapons given to Turkey
    According to a recent poll in Germany, 83% of participants don’t want any weapons to be given to Turkey at all. 80% of Germans think, “War zones shouldn’t be supplied with weapons”.

    Public research institute YouGov published the results of the online poll they ran about Germany’s controversial weapons exports. Most poll participants agree with unions, opposition parties and peace movements: “Weapons should not be sold to conflict, war and instability zones.”

    80% of the participants object to weapons sales to conflict zones. 64% of Germans say, “Germany should not aid any other country’s armament.” One of the issues the German public objects to most is the weapons sales to the Turkish state, as the poll shows once again.


    83% of Germans want no weapons or military equipment to be sold to Turkey, despite the country’s NATO membership. 2026 people participated in the poll ran between May 16 to 18. Max Weber from the Germany Peace Alliance (Bündnis Frieden) spoke about the results of the poll and demanded that the Merkel-led federal government take the public’s sensibility towards arms trading seriously.

    Writer Markus Bickel said, “The numbers on weapons trading express the reality well.” Despite the Turkish state’s attacks and invasion against Afrin, Germany continues its weapons friendship with Ankara, and continues to sell weapons to countries that participate in the civil war in Yemen.

    In the last 3 years, over 1 billion Euros worth of weapons have been sold to Saudi Arabia who wages a war against the Iran-backed Shia Houthis who want to take control of Yemen with a 9 Arab country alliance since 2015.

    After harsh criticism by the opposition in Germany, sales to Saudi Arabia were reduced by half last year, to about 254 million Euros. But another country in the Yemeni war, the United Arab Emirates, had increased its weapons purchases by a quarter, to 213 million Euros.

    German pro-peace and anti-armament groups have been holding civil disobedience protests in front of German weapons giants Rheinmetal and Heckler&Koch’s factories due to the Leopold tanks being used in the invasion in Afrin. The demonstrations against weapons companies will continue this weekend.

    Source: ANF BERLIN 30-05-2018


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  27. SYRIA: Ten Kurdish teachers have been reported as kidnapped in the Syrian canton of Afrin, which is occupied by Turkish forces and their jihadist allies.

    The teachers – seven of whom are women – were employed at three different schools and were abducted after school hours. There whereabouts is unknown.

    They have been named as Sediqa Xelil, Ronahi Sexsidi, Behzat Xelil, Resit Bayram, Ronya, Berivan, Nesrin and Juliyet.



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