German spies help Turkish Erdogan regime

This video says about itself:

Germany: Protesters march in solidarity with Rojava in Hamburg

8 July 2017

Anti-G20 protests continued on Saturday in Hamburg, for the third consecutive day. Protesters marched through Hamburg city centre under the banner “Solidarity without borders”.

Protesters were seen carrying flags in solidarity with the Kurdish region of Rojava in northern Syria, in response to opposition for Kurdish autonomy by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was present at the two-day summit.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

GERMANY: Spooks have been spying on Turkish left-wing organisations, issuing a 38-page report on their operations in the country.

Domestic intelligence suggested that 2,550 people are members of groups including the communist DHKP-C, TKP/ML and MLKP.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution report says that the groups are operating peacefully in Germany, but are supporting groups in Rojava, northern Syria and Turkey.

So, the German government is helping the dictatorship of their NATO ally Erdogan in Turkey. Even though the German government, behind closed doors, admits that the Erdogan regime supports jihadist terrorism. The Erdogan regime, massively violating human rights in Turkey and waging aggressive wars in Syria and in Iraq.

GREECE: Hidir Gonik was released from prison yesterday after he was arrested in February on charges of “human trafficking” for supporting revolutionary Turgut Kaya who faces extradition to Turkey.

Mr Kaya has been on hunger strike since his arrest claiming he faces torture if the Syriza government hand him over to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian regime.

Mr Gonik was accused of helping Mr Kaya enter the country illegally and denies the charges against him.

AN intelligence agency in Germany has been criticised for criminalising an entire community after a new report linked a number of Kurdish organisations operating in the country to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Interior Minister Horst Seehofer detailed the institutions and organisations being watched by the agency during a Berlin press conference on Wednesday: here.

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  2. Kurdish politician in Germany harassed by police
    Abdullah Efe, coordinator of the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Hannover was harassed by police.

    The house of Abdullah Efe, director of the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Hannover, Germany, was raided by police.

    Efe, who was taken into police custody, was subjected to the police ‘forensic criminal’ treatment.

    The German state, that is trying to improve its relations with Erdoğan’s regime, has intensified attacks on Kurds in Germany after the elections in Turkey on 24 June.

    German police raided the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Bielefeld on Tuesday and also the house of Kurdish politician Abdullah Efe in Hannover.

    Efe had tried to mediate between the police and Kurds after the demonstrations in Hannover and ended up being forcibly taken into the police station.

    Efe, who has been subjected to the violence of the police, told ANF he had been faced with “judicial criminal” procedure.

    Efe stated that police wanted to strip search him after taking his fingerprint and his photograph. He said he refused to be strip searched.

    Reminding that he has been the coordinator of the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in Hannover for many years, Efe said: “Despite the fact that the police know me well because of my duty, they tried to force me to the police station and criminalize me. They did this because they did not have any court decisions in their hands, just to get a fingerprint. Then they released me”.

    Kurdish politician Abdullah Efe stated that the accusations directed against him are false.

    The Kurdish politician remarked that the German state has been trampling on fundamental rights such as freedom of opinion, right to organize and human rights for the sake of its commercial interests.

    Noting that the German state has recently turned its attention to Kurdish institutions and politicians, Efe said: “The German state is doing all this to get a better relation with the AKP regime”.

    Efe then made a call: “Germany shows that it is in favor of the current Turkish dictator. But it is never too late to side with democracy”.

    Source: ANF HANNOVER 04-07-2018


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