Turkish air force killing Syrian civilians

This video says about itself:

Turkey Launches Massive Attack In Syria Against Kurds

24 August 2016

Turkey moves into Syria with a huge column of tanks supposedly to take back the town of Jarablus from ISIS, but they also claim they must take out the Kurds, whom Russia had said were the best fighters against ISIS.

Dutch NOS TV reports today on the military attack by the Turkish armed forces and their ‘Free Syrian Army‘ puppets on northern Syria, aimed against the Syrian Democratic Forces: Kurds and their Arab allies. They quote a report by the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights, usually a pro-Free Syrian Army source.

The Observatory says Turkish warplanes have killed at least 35 civilians. In al-Amarna village, they killed at least 15 people and injured 20 people who had fled from the bombing to a farm. In Jub al-Kousa, they killed at least twenty villagers and injured fifty.

Turkish air strikes kill civilians in US-backed invasion of Syria: here.

Turkey prepares joint action with US in Syria: here.

The Obama-Erdogan meeting was announced as a series of US spokesmen criticized the actions of the Turkish military in Syria. After ousting Islamic State (ISIS) militants from the border town of Jarabulus, Turkish forces, allied with the US through NATO, have turned their guns against Syrian Kurdish forces sponsored and armed by the United States. Dozens were killed Sunday in a series of bombardments as Turkish artillery and air strikes hit several villages held by Syrian Kurdish forces, including Jeb el-Kussa, where at least 20 died and 50 were wounded: here.

Former CIA Deputy Director Publicly Advocates for Bombing Syria’s Assad: here.

Here’s everything that’s wrong with air strikes in the ‘war on terror’: here.

Mounting evidence of British “boots on the ground” in Syria: here.

6 thoughts on “Turkish air force killing Syrian civilians

  1. Tuesday 30th August 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    MIDDLE EAST: Turkish jets violated Iraq’s airspace yesterday in an attack on Kurdish positions in the northern Gara region.

    Turkey has frequently attacked Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants in Iraq since a ceasefire with the group collapsed last year after the Turkey reneged on its pledges.

    Turkish troops which invaded Syria last week also threatened yesterday to carry out more attacks on Syrian Kurdish positions.


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