‘Erdogan-ISIS mass murder collusion in Turkey’

This 24 August 2016 video by France 24 says about itself:

Turkey offensive in Syria: “Erdogan always favoured ISIS over the Kurds

By Steve Sweeney:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Erdogan‘s party accused of ordering deadly Isis suicide bombing

A Turkish news agency claims it obtained a classified EU intelligence report saying ‘there is reason to believe… forces within [Erdogan‘s party] commissioned’ the attack

TURKEY’s ruling party is alleged to have ordered Isis to carry out a deadly bomb attack that killed more than 100 people at a 2015 opposition election rally in Ankara.

The Ahval news website claimed it had been leaked a three-page European Union intelligence report that was released three days after the attack on a peace rally near Ankara train station which killed 109 people and injured at least 500 in October 2015.

The document was allegedly circulated as an urgent top classified briefing note that claimed “the modus operandi of the attack (suicide bombers) points to Da’esh.”

It concluded: “Given the circumstances (arriving buses with demonstrators not searched, police almost absent at the huge demonstration), there is reason to believe that in this case, forces within the AKP commissioned the Da’esh operatives.”

The bombing remains one of the worst attacks in Turkish history, targeting a rally of peace activists, trade unionists and People’s Democratic Party (HDP) supporters.

It occurred only months after the June 2015 elections in which the AKP lost its parliamentary majority and the pro-Kurdish HDP won its first seats in the Grand Assembly.

The report suggested that with another election looming in November 2015, “the last thing Erdogan really wants at this juncture is a Kurdish peace.”

Police were criticised for hindering emergency services in the aftermath as they blocked a road and fired tear gas at those wounded by the blast.

A trial hearing last November heard suspect Suphi Alpfida allege that police officers in Gaziantep knew about the bombings beforehand and personally knew the leaders of the Isis cell responsible.

It is alleged that police failed to act on an active arrest warrant leaving Isis mastermind Yunus Durmaz, who allegedly planned the Ankara attack and Suruc bombing, free to conduct the massacres.

Speaking at a rally today Mr Erdogan said he would approve the hanging of jailed presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas if Parliament requested it.

Mr Demirtas responded: “This is the election promise of a presidential candidate in 2018 Turkey, can you imagine? I would sacrifice my life a thousand times for the people and won’t ever take a step back.”

The European Union intelligence and situation centre had not responded to the Star’s request for comment at the time of going to print.

Turkish currency crisis looms as Erdogan appoints son-in-law as finance minister: here.


4 thoughts on “‘Erdogan-ISIS mass murder collusion in Turkey’

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  4. PJAK: US decision serves Erdogan and ISIS

    We will defend our leaders and struggle to the last breath, said the Kurdistan Free Life Party.

    Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) has issued a written statement on the US decision to put a bounty on PKK executives Cemil Bayik, Murat Karayilan and Duran Kalkan.

    PJAK statement said: “The hegemonic powers in the world are trying to get profit as they intervene in the political and diplomatic process in the Middle East”.

    In the Third World War, said the statement, “the Kurdish freedom movement has played an important role and has been an important actor against terrorism. It has maintained the identity of the people claiming for freedom. With a revolutionary stand and democratic struggle, the Kurdish freedom movement has frustrated the plans of the dominant forces in the region. These forces have once again targeted the revolutionary forces in order to eliminate the democratic politics, the will of freedom”.

    It is no coincidence, said the statement, “that the PKK has been made into a target in a period of strong struggle against DAESH (ISIS) in Kurdistan and the region. The aim of the US in targeting the PKK executives is precisely that of diverting attention from the truth”.

    The decision taken by the US, said the statement, “is the result of an agreement with Turkey and it shows a will to deepen and increase violence in the region. By putting their own interests first, those forces have accepted to point at the Kurdish people and the liberation movement as enemies. This decision is not only wrong, it is embarrassing for the US”.

    The statement stressed that: “The US that played a role in Leader Apo being abducted and handed over to Turkey as result of an international conspiracy, has again engaged in efforts to eliminate the PKK with animosity against the Kurdish people. The US has thus approved the Turkish state’s imposition of an aggravated isolation on Leader Apo and massacres against the Kurds.”

    The decision taken by the United States to improve relations with Turkey, said the statement, will only “serve to deepen war in the region and increase the violence. The decision goes against all criteria on human rights.”

    Condemning the US decision against PKK leaders, PJAK said: “We state that this decision actually serves Erdoğan and DAESH. America and the international coalition should know very well that the Kurdish people will not allow these dirty games to succeed. We will defend our leaders and fighters to our last breath”.

    PJAK ended its statement with a call: “In this critical process, all revolutionaries, libertarian intellectuals, writers, artists, politicians, youths, women must oppose and ignore the US decision”.

    Source: ANF NEWS DESK 12-11-2018


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