Bloodshed for oil in Libya continues

This 17 January 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Interest in its Natural Resources Is Tearing Libya Apart

Political writer Greg Shupak discusses the failed attempt in Moscow to reach a ceasefire agreement in the Libyan civil war, and the new attempt in Berlin. As Turkey, the UAE, Egypt, and other regional players

Turkey accused of fuelling resurgence of Isis in Libya: here.

not forgetting the proxy war in Libya between French President Macron and French Total oil on one side, and the Italian government and Italian Eni oil on the other side

interfere to promote their interests in Libya’s natural resources, the country seems as far as it ever was from achieving peace.

Battle continues to rage in Libya despite peace conference as Turkey floods country with jihadists: here.

The Libya conference, which took place this past Sunday in Berlin, was not about “peace” in the war-torn country, but about the distribution of the loot. It is reminiscent of the conferences at which the colonial powers of the 19th century divided up entire regions and continents among themselves: here.

UKRANIAN JET VICTIM RAN SUSPICIOUS COMPANY A passenger killed on the Ukrainian jet downed by Iranian missiles earlier this month was a businesswoman who was the boss of two companies cited in a U.N. report for links to the shadowy arms trade supplying the protracted civil war in Libya. [CNN]

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