Saudi regime killing Yemeni civilians with Ukrainian warplanes

This video says about itself:

24 February 2015

Kiev will receive foreign weapons [for their war in eastern Ukraine]! A Ukrainian official announced that President Poroshenko met with the United Arab Emirates delegation and the UAE agreed to supply Kiev with arms and military hardware. So while the US is still undecided – Kiev finds new ways. Or does it? In 2013, the UAE was America’s biggest arms client – it purchased weapons worth 3,7 billion dollars. That’s more than India and Saudi Arabia put together. Among them are thousands of missiles of different ranges from American F-16s and THAAD defense systems to military radar. Former US diplomat James (Jim) Jatras is In the NOW.

The United Arab Emirates absolute monarchy are allies of the Saudi absolute monarchy in their war on Yemen. Meaning that UAE conscripts are forced by the regime to leave their families for that bloody war, often returning in coffins.

United States President Donald Trump and British Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May are not the only ones providing the Saudi absolute monarchy with warplanes, illegal cluster bombs and other weaponry to kill civilians in the bloody war on Yemen.

So is the Poroshenko regime in Ukraine.

Quoting from Al Arabiya TV (which I don’t do that often, as they are apologists for the Saudi dictatorship):

Saturday, 1 April 2017

After conducting all its ground tests, the Saudi-Ukrainian military aircraft Antonov AN-132 completed its first flight. The AN-132 was first launched last December.

Video of the aircraft’s first flight showed Antonov AN-132’s first maneuvers in Ukraine under the supervision of an engineering committee from the Saudi and Ukrainian sides.

The aircraft was jointly developed by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and the Ukrainian Antonov Aircraft Manufacturing Company and is part of the city’s 2020 national transformation program to achieve the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program. …

It has the ability to travel up to 4,500 km and has advanced navigation systems, in addition to its ability to fly at a height of up to 28,000 feet.

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