Cuban trogons and ovenbird

Cuban parrot eating fruit, 10 March 2017

After 9 March 2017, on 10 March 2017, we were in the Camaguey region in Cuba. In a nature reserve we saw this Cuban parrot eating fruit.

Also: Cuban blackbird. Two red-legged thrushes.

A Cuban tody.

West Indian woodpecker, 10 March 2017

A West Indian woodpecker hanging upside down under a branch.

Cuban oriole, 10 March 2017

A Cuban oriole.

A loggerhead kingbird.

Cuban trogon, 10 March 2017

A bit further, a Cuban trogon

Cuban trogons, 10 March 2017

… two Cuban trogons!

After these endemic Cuban birds, several migrant species, on their way to North America, turned out to be present.

Ovenbird, 10 March 2017

One of them was the ovenbird.

Ovenbird, 10 March 2017

They were good at climbing rocky slopes.

Stay tuned, as there will be more Cuban birds on this blog!

6 thoughts on “Cuban trogons and ovenbird

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